Collecting Oink! yourself?  Interested in seeing all the other content and strips not scanned for the blog?  Thinking of starting...?  This page is here to help you keep track of your collection and the accompanying The Comics page will provide a quick and easy link to those you're missing.

Not long after I set up the blog I was asked if there was a complete list of every issue published and all specials, books and merchandise originally available.  This I did by just rhyming off the details of what I was collecting myself.  Then I was asked if the spreadsheet I'd created for my own collection could be made available for pig pals to check off as they went along.

However it wasn't the complete list.  This has now been rectified (all the merchandise now included and extras) and given its own separate page here on the blog containing a screenshot if you wish to open it at full size, right click, save and print it out to fill in manually.  Then just below that are links to Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel and PDF formats.  These are saved in a Dropbox account, but don't worry you don't need an account to download them, just click.

As well as all the issues of the regular comic, the specials and annuals, the list contains a summary of all the free gifts for the completists among you and all that lovely but very rare Oink! merchandise. *

New categories here now include the issues of other comics which featured Oink! characters during its run and the first handful of Busters after the merge, the ones which featured 'Oink!' itself on the cover.  Other magazines which contained features on our beloved comic are still being discovered and of course we've seen the first comic of brand new material last year with #1 of the new Psycho Gran.

As new magazines or material comes to light this will be kept updated and I'll let you know in the main blog if that's the case.

Well, you asked for the definitive list of Oink! to collect and there you have it!

* - The Oink! computer game was available on cassette and disk for Commodore 64/128, Spectrum and Amstrad CPC computers.
The chewing gum may also be ever-so-slightly out of date, so don't try eating it if you get a box.  Just look at the pretty pictures.

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