In 2013 I started The Oink! Blog with the sole intention of covering every issue of my first ever comic, the classic, anarchic British humour title Oink! on their original release dates.  However, it soon took on a life of its own.

I found myself becoming friends with members of the original team, which led to me covering their modern small press work.   Enjoying other comics for the first time in years I filled the gaps between later Oink! issues by rediscovering the titles I'd collected decades ago.  Soon I was chatting to more creators and fans and became acquainted with 2000AD, becoming a fan of Judge Dredd, meeting great people and being invited to my first comic con.  There I met some online friends at last, including some of the talented individuals behind the huge UK small press scene, which was an inspiration.

I found blogging about all this was rekindling the passion for writing I'd once had and I've decided it's about time I embraced that.  So as well as sinking more into this blog and expanding it beyond its original remit (hence the name change), I'll also cover any of my own developments as time goes on.  This is very much my own personal blog and not a review site.  It'll follow me as I delve deeper into the tiles I loved, discover new ones and develop myself further.

Oink! introduced me to the world of comics as a kid and in turn they ignited something creative inside me.  Now three decades later it's reintroduced me to them all over again and reenergised my passion for writing.  It's led me to this place, let's see where it takes me.