Wednesday, 2 September 2020


Hi everyone. It is with equal quantities of excitement and nerves that I can report the first video is up on the blog's brand new Youtube channel. There's three previous videos from when I created it as my own channel because I wanted to put a video in a post or two here on the site, but it's now been rebranded, refreshed and is now officially the Phil's Oink! Blog and Beyond Youtube Channel!

The first video is a quick introduction to Oink! itself and the blog for anyone not familiar with either, and a primer for the channel itself, to fill everyone in on what exactly they can expect in future videos. So what can I bring to the blog through recording myself? Well, you'll find out!

Normally the videos will also be posted here but for the first one I thought I'd keep it on Youtube only as an excuse for you to go and check it out, hopefully subscribe and maybe even click 'like' or leave a wee comment.

To check it out just click on any of these screenshots below and off you pop! Then watch out for new videos either there or here!

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