Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Hi folks, just popping on to give you a quick update. As per my previous post I've recently moved home and had hoped to keep things on track with the blog while doing so, albeit it with less content but at least the next issue of Visionaries would be up on time. As you can see this hasn't happened. The move has been more stressful than I would've liked, in particular discovering no less than 11 slugs inside the house on one of my first nights here! Fortunately I have the most wonderful landlords (the same I've had for about nine years now) and they've done everything they can to eliminate the invasion and get me to the stage where I can finally start to unpack, just over a week and a half after I actually moved from my previous house. Slowly things are getting back to normal and the same will happen with the blog.

Apologies for the lack of content but the blog will resume shortly, starting off with #4 of Visionaries and I'll also get back to what was meant to be the monthly Oink! Scrapbook series, plus the launch of the blog's new YouTube channel! You read it here first! (Well, to be fair where else would you read it?) Now if you'll excuse me I have a lot of salt to brush up and a mountain of comics to get out of their boxes.

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