Monday, 7 January 2019


I originally had plans to cover a few classic comics annuals in December but a combination of being ill in November (its posts then pushed back) and a busy Christmas meant I wasn't going to get them all covered.  However, it's all worked out for the best.

When I was much younger I loved that tradition of getting annuals every year as part of my Christmas list.  While The Oink! Books stood out as glossy and floppy, the rest were all hardback books and for me started out long before Oink! with the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends annuals, then those of a certain favourite live-action TV show.  But once I started collecting comics all my annuals were based on them instead.

During the Christmas holidays I'd read parts of these books and I've particularly fond memories of going to sleep Christmas/Boxing Night with my Transformers annuals.  But, after everything had calmed back down again, in January I'd read these from cover to cover, over and over again every night in bed.  The few comics annuals I wanted to cover on the blog have now been joined by three more based on that aforementioned TV show, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to relive these all together as nighttime reads once more in January!

There we go then, these are the books I'm going to be writing about this month and what a month it's going to be.  I've already published a post about that first Real Ghostbusters annual from 1989 and I'm excited to cover the blog's second Big Comic Book (the first was covered Christmas 2017) as this was my first book of that particular series.  There's also the first annual for its spin-off title Funny Fortnightly and I'll be covering the first two annuals released for what still remains as my favourite television show of all time.  One of these will be the next to appear here and it's just the start for Michael and K.I.T.T.'s comic book adventures here.

I hope you'll join me this month for what will be the very best in bedtime reading.  Well, for me anyway, you can read them whenever you want!  I think it's going to be a fun start to a brand new year.

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