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How many pig pals stayed with Oink! to the very end and received this little treasure in the final monthly issue?  The 16-page preview comic of Wildcat set up a premise the likes of which I'd never come across before in my young life.  Earth had been destroyed and only one spaceship full of the best of mankind had survived, taken to the stars to find a new planet and start over.  The possibilities seemed endless and when I got my hands on #1 I was instantly blown away by the awesome Ian Kennedy cover, which to this day still stands out on its big-sized, high quality paper and screams to be picked up.

Well, now an intriguing book title called Wildcat 1 - Turbo Jones has appeared on Amazon's listings with a release date of 10th January 2019.  The title refers to the main leader of the human race and chief planetary explorer, Turbo Jones who starred in his own strip right at the start of every issue.  It was he who predicted the outcome of Earth and ignored by the masses but he, against all odds, was able to save a relatively small group of us and thus the entire human race in that preview issue.  With Barrie Tomlinson listed as editor of this new book my excitement grew, but unfortunately Barrie isn't involved and hasn't been approached by Rebellion.

However, this was very much Barrie's creation.  I mean the whole comic.  Plus he wrote much of the contents and as editor oversaw every script, frame of art and the development of the characters and plot.  So even though he may not be the editor of this actual book, everything from those large, lush pages of the original comics is very much his doing.  To see a comic he treasured so dearly (see his interview with the blog from last September) collected together and given a new lease of life is still very exciting!

They've also listed Ian as the artist even though he only drew part one, with the drawing duties being passed to Eduardo Vanyo Ibarra for the remainder of the run.  This below is the first page of strip for Turbo's own tale from the very first issue of Wildcat:

So far all we have to go on is this placeholder page on Amazon, there's no image yet but you can pre-order it like I have already.  The pre-order price is £14.99 and as per usual with Amazon this is the most you'll pay if you order now.  If the price goes up you won't pay any more, but if it goes down you'll be charged whatever the cheaper price is.  The most intriguing part is that little "1" in the title, so let's hope this first volume is successful, as we could be seeing a full set of books collecting together the rest of the Wildcat strips, Joe Alien, Loner and Kitten Magee, all of which carried on into the pages of Eagle.

The standalone series of Wildcat Complete tales didn't cross over but with twelve episodes of six pages each surely there's scope for a smaller, but no less entertaining book for them too.  Or perhaps they'll reprint a couple in each of the other books instead.  Speculation is rife at the moment and all we can do is wait and see what information Rebellion releases closer to the time.  Needless to say as soon as they do you'll be informed right here on the blog, where my original Beyond Oink! post seems to be the only place online to get any real information on the comic, thanks to the people who helped in my research at the time and to Barrie, who agreed to an interview about the comic last year, his information being edited in to the original post too.

But that's not all.  The Oink! Blog and Beyond is already the online home of Oink!, obviously, but it's also kind of become the same thing for Ring Raiders too, another of Barrie's comics, with its own series of posts covering each issue, as well as interviews and more, with more to come!  It's almost time to expand the blog to cover Wildcat in the same way, with the debut issue's release date only a few short months away.  This couldn't have been timed better if I'd actually tried!  The comic will be getting the full coverage it deserves, but which it's been denied for so long, and during that very same coverage the first book collection of its strips will be released!  Expect more on this over the summer.

There'll be new sections of the blog opening up soon which will collect together all the posts for these other comics, in much the same way as the Relive Oink! section in the menu beneath the blog's logo. This will make it easier for fans of these comics to visit and read the new posts, catch up on what has gone before and generally binge on their favourite titles.  In the meantime here's a list of Wildcat's entries on the blog so far:

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