Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Ah, the unmistakable style of Dave Jones and the brilliant The Kingdom of Trump from the pages of Oink!, this particular strip being a classic and a favourite of mine.  A regular contributor to Viz, Davey was recently a guest on the Rule of Three podcast, the description of which reads as follows:

"Comedy writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris talk to people who make comedy about something funny that they love.  Guests pick a TV show, a film, a book, an album or a comic that means something to them.  Maybe we find out something about how comedy works.  Maybe there's just a lot of giggling."

Sounds good to me!  So what was Davey invited on to talk about?  That would be the work of legendary comics artist Leo Baxendale.  Thanks to David Leach for letting me know this existed!  It's a great listen, an hour of Davey and the presenters reminiscing about the strips of Leo's, his style, working methods and his completely insane sense of humour.  You may have doubts about how well an interview about a visual medium (and indeed a very visual comedic artist) could work, but trust me it really does.  While it does discuss various comics he worked on, the podcast focusses mainly on The Beano and Leo's own Willy the Kid books, which I must try to track down based on the details the team chat about here.

Leo Baxendale's Nellyphant from an issue of Funny Fortnightly

There's some chat about Davey's own career including Viz and Oink! too, making this an unmissable slice of comics talk which is available for free right now on Apple podcasts.  The reasons and working methods behind the creation of his Vibrating Butt-Faced Goats is worth the download on its own.

But obviously the main event is Leo's work and they do a brilliant job of really firing your imagination and any old grey memory cells you may have left and you're soon picturing his detail-laden panels.  The imagery they've painted in my mind for Willy the Kid has me excited about the possibility of reading them one day, I'm sure the same will happen for you too.  This is all interspersed with some snippets of Leo himself being interviewed during his heyday which are the icing of the cake, so go get this downloaded now for your next bus journey/car journey/bath right now!

To finish off, here's one more strip from the mind of Davey and the pages of Oink! and it's a corker!  If you haven't read it before you're in for a real treat with the Monty Python-esque Phantom Moose-Napper:

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