Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Hopefully you've been following The Oink! Blog & Beyond's new presence on social media sites Instagram and Twitter.  If so you can't have failed to notice it was the 32nd anniversary of the first issue of Oink! on Thursday 3rd May.  Of course it's never too late to nip on over and join in the conversation or even to comment here, naturally.  One other place which marked the day was Lew Stringer's personal comics work blog.

To celebrate, Lew shared the first issue's Tom Thug strip in its entirety, the first few panels of which you can see above.  To read the rest just click right about here to nip on over to Lew's site where you can see just how strong Tom's strip was right from the very first issue available to buy on newsagent shelves back in 1986.  It really was a classic strip, with a classic character, from the word "go"!

Lew also shares some of his thoughts of working on Oink! and a link to his design drawings of Tom when he was crafting him for the comic's preview issue given away a week before #1 in special packages of other IPC comics.  Thanks for sharing Lew, and Happy Birthday Tom!

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