Monday, 19 March 2018


What is this from Psycho Gran creator David Leach then?  Your guess is as good as mine right now, because this image is all we've been teased with so far on the little old dear's very own Facebook page.  Well, okay she did have this to say too:

"Er, I know I've been somewot quiet of late, but that's cos me grandson 'as been busy, e's been working on sumink new and here's a sneak peak.  More to follow...".


If you'd like to be kept in the loop stay tuned right here, or you could of course always follow Psycho Gran herself on her Facebook page.

I'm sure she'd also love it if you'd check out her very own comics too, both her own publications and her adventures in the pages of Aces Weekly.  You can find out everything you need to know about all of these on the New Material page of the Relive Oink! section of the blog.  Also, while I've piqued your interest (or rather, David has) check out my recent write-up of #1 of his David Leach Conquers the Universe comic with #2 to follow shortly, I promise!

David is also editing a brand new comic based on the classic television show The Prisoner.  Due for release in April I'll bring you more on that closer to the time too.

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