Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Some great news pig pals!  Lew Stringer has just announced he's put up for sale some of his drawings from the Sketch-A-Day concept a couple of years back.  Available through eBay each one is an original piece by Lew, not a published version (in fact none of these were for print and instead were put up online) or a copy, these are the actual drawings.  Here's a quick sample of the 17 pieces you can get your trotters on:

Each page is an A5 which means you're getting a decent-sized image which would look great in a frame.

The bids are starting between £9 and £13 per sketch, so get yourselves on over to Lew's auction page now and take part for your chance to own an exclusive one-off sketch from one of Oink!'s most prolific cartoonists.

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