Tuesday, 2 January 2018


That's right, folks, it's almost finally time for the second edition in Lew Stringer's Combat Colin comics series!  According to Lew's own blog, Colin and Steve will be off to the printers this week so we should see a release late in January.  It's going to be another 40 high quality, glossy pages of classic Combat goodness, this time moving on to the first load from The Transformers after Action Force folded into it.  By the time I started collecting Transformers as a kid the merger had happened roughly forty or so issues in advance so Colin was always the humour strip star for me.

I reread the comics about twelve years ago now and haven't done so since yet, apart from flicking through them to grab photos of key parts for the Instagram project I have going on (and which you can catch monthly here on the blog), so I'm looking forward to reading these again after so long.

There's more information on the upcoming issue on Lew's blog and you can always pop back and read my write-up on the premiere issue, which is also still available directly from Lew:

When I get my hands on a copy you'll be the first to know!

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