Friday, 5 January 2018


Humbled.  Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog!

I remember getting a chill of excitement when the blog received its first 1000 hits inside its first month but that pales in comparison to this latest milestone.  Given the fact for the first few months of this year the blog was for all intents and purposes dead in the water, the fact it's added 50,000 hits in the last six months amazes me.  It's been getting exponentially more popular as it's gone along and now, with the relaunch in full swing and the future looking bright with a wealth of new content and comics to come, I fully aim to hit that next milestone in record time.

I'm not putting this post up to boast, more as an affirmation that the original comic has not only proved popular in the modern world (the Facebook group also hit a milestone this year, remember) but also that the branching out has been embraced by you all.  It's like confirmation I did the right thing and I appreciate that I really do, and hopefully after the recent previews you'll have an inkling how this site will grow and grow over the next year.

The main reason for the post though is to thank you all for your support.  This amount of hits over the course of four-odd years is amazing, even more amazing to think how it's being read more and more as time goes along.  Roughly 5000 hits inside the first six months to 50,000 in the last six.  This post is my commitment to you, my readers that I won't be complacent, won't fill the blog with fillers, I've always said quality-over-quantity and I'll be sticking to that.  I think you've proved that's what you want.

Thank you everyone, pig pals and otherwise.  You've made my year and it's only 5th January!


Lew Stringer said...

Congratulations on another milestone, Phil! Your blog has served an important purpose in bringing together a lot of Oink! fans and creators so thanks for that. Plus it's entertaining too! Keep up the good work!

PhilEdBoyce said...

Thanks Lew, I’ve always tried to have the Facebook group and this blog go hand-in-hand so it’s great to see many hits here, members there and people commenting across both. Thanks very much for the kind words! I’m just happy to do my bit!