Sunday, 21 January 2018


I've been saying for a while now, since changing the blog name in fact, how this site was going to expand and grow.  At that time the menu bar appeared below the logo, containing links to the new About page and the Relive Oink! section; a completely redesigned way of accessing all the posts related to the title comic.  In September Ring Raiders appeared in its own series of posts with the short-lived title getting the same treatment of on-the-day-of-release write-ups Oink! received for nearly three years, and Transformers popped up in monthly roundups of Instagram photos of my Marvel UK comic collection.

I've also covered some small press comics from Oink! cartoonists amongst others and the new Ghostbusters Answer the Call.  But if you're new to the blog you may not know this, or if you're simply looking for any of these you'll have to go through the calendar of posts (in the left-hand column on the desktop version), search labels or just scroll ad nauseam.  A couple of quick preview posts at the end of December hinted at what's to come but what exactly is this blog going to consist of and why those particular comics?  Why only one modern day mainstream title?  Where's the other sections I promised or will the blog simply keep Oink! highlighted while giving brief coverage to everything else?  All these will be answered very soon.

The reason there was such a big gap between the last two posts was because I'd been working behind the scenes on the blog.  I went back to the original Beyond Oink! series of posts and updated them with new information gathered since then, correcting some errors and adding in sub-headings to help them flow better.  The reason is these will headline the first new section of the blog.  I've also worked out exactly what comics titles will be covered in two other sections entitled Further Beyond and Small Press too (just working titles at the minute) and that was no small feat in itself!  I'll go into more detail when these sections begin.  But there remains one final stage before I begin work on those.

If you're reading this on a mobile you may have noticed the sections I've already mentioned aren't completely formatted correctly and I'm working on this too.  It's difficult to get things formatted and looking exactly how I want it across the desktop and mobile versions and so for a long time I just deactivated the mobile one.  But it must be said that when on a smaller screen it really can make all the difference for ease of use, so it's back but needs work.

So that's what I've been up to (and will be up to), as well as scanning and photographing some things for posts that I want to get up ASAP.  Now I'm at the stage where I can properly balance writing new posts and reprogramming the background stuff, so you should see content return on a regular basis again.  Thanks for your patience and I'll speak to you all real soon.

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