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Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know that back in 2005, after loving Michael Bay's first movie, I thought I could make some money and sell on the last 100 or so issues of Marvel UK's The Transformers which I still had from my childhood.  But upon checking them for damage I got sucked in and read a few issues, only to end up collecting the rest of the whole collection (as many as I could anyway).  I then spent a very happy six months or so about ten years ago reading through the entire story.

Over seven years of disguised robots certainly makes for
an impressive shelf

As I mentioned on Saturday the Ring Raiders comic has its 28th anniversary this coming weekend and I'll be covering every issue of that just as I did with all 68 issues of Oink!, writing each up on their original release dates.  It's not alone in celebrating in September though, with The Transformers' own 33rd birthday being on the 20th.  Feeling old yet?  However, I'm not going to be giving it the full Oink! Blog treatment just yet because there are still issues missing in my collection, namely a good lot from the first year, a handful of the Collected Comics seasonal specials and the final annual.  I've been able to read the full story thanks to the specials I do have, which reprinted the strips from the first year and a friend let me read his final annual.  Extortionate prices for those missing early editions on eBay at the moment prohibit completing the set anytime soon though.

But here comes Instagram instead, or rather my Instagram account: @PhilEdBoyce.  I've every single regular edition from just before the start of the second year onwards and you can also see the annuals in the photo above, which sit alongside other books and specials too.  So rather than write up each issue in-depth with scanned highlights like I did with Oink! and am about to do with Ring Raiders, I'm going to be showing off my own personal Transformers collection by sharing photos of each issue on their original release dates.  Well, Instagram is for photo sharing after all.

The first year was fortnightly but after that it remained as a weekly for an astonishing five years and four months, before returning to a fortnightly format for its final year.  So even though this is a photo-sharing project it's still a huge undertaking for me, dedicating myself to it for all that time.  Remember, when I started this blog I really thought it wouldn't last more than a few months because of my chronic attention span, but thankfully I think Oink! has improved that somewhat.  So what can you expect from this?

Each weekly issue will have a photo of the cover obviously, but thanks to Instagram's new ability to swipe through a handful of photos with each post, I'll also include a few personally chosen highlights from the pages within.  This could include a page or two of Transformers strip, or of the back up story, maybe a close-up on some particularly interesting frame of art, special features, editorials, fact-files; anything that really catches my attention from that particular issue really.  So yes, expect to see some brilliant 80s advertisements too, naturally.

Each post will go live every Thursday for the foreseeable future and beyond!  But to kick off the series there'll be a special selection of daily posts:

To catch up on the first year and show fans the comics from those twelve months I do have I'll be posting up highlights from each one over ten days, then the first of my weekly posts will pop up the very next day on Thursday 21st September until 4th January 2024!  Wow, that's scary thinking how long I could be doing this for.  But hey, why not?  Should be fun.


It couldn't be easier, even if you don't have Instagram.  If you do, search for me (@PhilEdBoyce) and click follow and that's it, I should pop up on your timeline with each issue in turn.  You don't have to be signed up to Instagram though, just go to and you'll be able to see everything I post anyway as my account is public.


As well as the weekly posts on Instagram I'll be doing a monthly round-up of the photos right here on the blog all the way through the project, complete with all the captions and maybe even a selection of the comments left on Instagram too.  So please chat away to me over there, I'm hoping it'll pick up a few regular followers and some discussions as time goes on.

So there you go, it's launched and all.  Join me weekly on Instagram or monthly here, either way I hope you do or Optimus might have words:

My original Beyond Oink! Transformers post is still up and talks about how I came to be a fan of the comics originally, their creators, epic stories, equally epic artwork and is also an in-depth overview of the most successful Marvel UK comic ever.

Come back tomorrow for a special look at the preview comic of Ring Raiders and a look forward to the new fortnightly posts for that comic too.  Also coming soon there's much more Oink! goodness as well.  It's promising to be a busy autumn and winter here and I couldn't be happier about that.

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