Tuesday, 1 August 2017


By coincidence the launch of the first of the sections I previously mentioned has fallen on the 200th post on this blog.   I'm so proud of this site and am thrilled it's come this far, even more thrilled with the beginning of this relaunch and the Relive Oink! pages I've put together now.  So thanks to you all for reading and continuing to come back time and again, proving that Oink!'s humour is just as relevant today as it was back in the 80s.

So anyway, on to the subject at hand and you'll notice the small 'Home' and 'The Comics' buttons which used to innocently sit on the side panel have been replaced with bigger, chunkier ones just below the new title logo.  Over the next while you'll see the others join them, but for now the largest section is up and running and waiting for you.  Just click on it to be taken to a completely redesigned, broader and all-encompassing selection of pages which will not only take you on the journey of the comic, but will also ensure you get to catch up on all of the other piggy posts old and new.

I surprised even myself with the amount of Oink! goodness I've collected together over these few short years and there'll be lots more to come, with any and all such posts being highlighted in 'Relive Oink!' as well as in the main timeline feed.  Back in 2013 I set out with one goal: to make the Oink! site I'd have wanted to read myself.  I hope I've achieved that for you too.

As for 'Relive Oink!', it's taken quite a while to figure out how best to bring you all of the separate elements in a visually easy-to-understand way while keeping within a theme which can also be applied to the other sections to come.  It didn't help that once I published it and checked it on my phone the layouts were all over the place!  So if you spotted the main page up there had appeared for about an hour the other day before scurrying away again, that's why.  It took some hard work and reprogramming of Blogger's layouts but I got there.  I hope you enjoy it!

Right, so now I'm away for a well-deserved game of Mario Kart, then it's on with more of this!  More posts to come before the next section goes live, so watch out for a review of a high-quality local 2000AD fanzine and a special interview with some of its creators real soon!

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