Thursday, 31 August 2017


Two of my favourite comics growing up may not have lasted too long but that certainly wasn't anything to do with the quality of the contents, that's for sure!  I've covered both Wildcat and Ring Raiders as part of my initial Beyond Oink! series of posts a couple of years ago and tomorrow sees the release of Comic Book Hero, a brand new book from their editor, a Mr. Barrie Tomlinson, in which he discusses his time working on these and many, many others.

Barrie recently was very gracious in agreeing to answer some questions for me about both comics and so to celebrate the launch of his new book I'll be posting up a two-part special interview.  Part one will appear tomorrow and will focus on Wildcat, with the Ring Raiders half coming at the beginning of next week when Comic Book Hero plops through my letterbox.  Or rather, the red and white card does while I'm at work.

I've written up a quick preview of Comic Book Hero already and what you can expect from it and once you've read that I'm sure you'll be ordering the book just like me.  Once it arrives I'll be devouring it so expect a full write-up as soon as I'm through sometime during September.  In the meantime check out the previous post and also Amazon's listing for more details and come back tomorrow for the Wildcat half of my interview with Barrie, when he recollects his time creating from scratch and editing a comic which, at the time, was trying something new and different.  It was fresh, entertaining and had characters we truly loved even though it only lasted twelve issues before merging with Eagle, where its strips were so strong it's been written that it actually improved its older brother title!  We also discuss why these and other great, top quality comics ended up being cancelled just as they were finding their feet.

All this tomorrow and then part two with Ring Raiders a few days later.

Click on the book cover to order your copy now!

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