Thursday, 8 June 2017


What a year it's been so far!  In Enniskillen I finally got to meet Lew Stringer after chatting to him online for a few years now and he was just as you'd expect; a gentleman, warm and welcoming, chatty, funny and great fun to be with throughout the day.  I also got to see Davy Francis again, who is always so eager to chat, has a great dry wit and I've now got quite the collection of his art, including the great caricature in the logo above of course.

Well now I can add one more signature to my Oink! Book 1988 as recently I met one of the three editors and original creators of our favourite comic, Patrick Gallagher!:

I really have no idea what my chin is trying to do here

Visiting Donegal with family for the week, Patrick took a whole evening away to come to my home in Belfast.  That's a hell of a long way to drive to meet someone for the first time!  We've been speaking for a good while now over the telephone about everything Oink! and this visit was no exception.  It was rather surreal to have him in my home, this man who'd co-created something which made such a huge impact on me as a kid and formed so much of my sense of humour (and which is having a profound effect on me now as an adult), as well as obviously having worked on such favourite TV shows of mine as Spitting Image and Round the Bend!  An absolute honour (only let down by me because I didn't have anything gluten-free to offer as a snack with the coffees).

The signature collection continues...

I'll go into more depth in the future over what exactly we discussed and the reasons I can't go into it now will become clear at that time.  Needless to say it was a fun night, full of very funny anecdotes, entertaining stories of his time on Oink! and Round the Bend, as well as great discussions about the future.  We bounced ideas about future projects off each other until it was time for him to leave and drive all the way back across the border at the other end of the country from me.

Patrick, thank you so much for the kind words about what I've done with this blog and it was great fun discussing everything we did.  Looking forward to speaking soon and meeting again during the summer over on the mainland.

Until then folks, keep reading the blog for more updates on "things" soon...


Patrick Gallagher said...

Thanks for your hospitality on my visit, Phil! Great to have met you! I'm sure we'll speak soon!

Patrick Gallagher said...

Thanks for your hospitality on my visit, Phil. It was great to have met you. I'm sure we'll speak soon.

Phil Boyce said...

Will indeed Patrick, thanks for making such a long journey, felt like a hugely productive night and has spurred me on since. Great to meet you at last!