Friday, 30 June 2017


As a huge fan of Combat Colin (and Semi-Automatic Steve, naturally) it's a great thrill to finally announce the release of the first issue of this series from Lew Stringer!:

Gorgeous cover, complete with Lew's
own logo!

I've mentioned this before here on the blog but today Lew has officially put it up on his online shop so you can go and buy it right now.  What, you're still here?

To give you a little bit more info, Colin first appeared in Marvel UK's weekly Action Force comic, which was our version of G.I.Joe and when that title was cancelled after it's 50th issue it merged into The Transformers, creating one of the most loved comics of that era and one which was already certainly one of the most successful!  By the time I was introduced to Colin he'd already established himself as the humour strip for a few dozen issues and quickly became an unexpected highlight for me too.

He was there right the way through to its final issue and never missed a beat in my time with the comic, all 141 issues I collected at the time.  Of course in later years when Michael Bay's fun movies began my inner TF fanboy emerged and I sought out the rest of the run on eBay.  With that I was able to enjoy many more of the crazy scenarios Lew had thought up not only for Colin but his predecessor, the equally nutty Robo Capers.  Really, some of the ideas he came up with were way out there, but I'll get to that when I'm writing up the issues properly.

For fans of Combat Colin this is a great day surely!  Issue one is available right now and contains all of the strips from Action Force together in one volume, with the subsequent issues covering all of his misadventures in The Transformers and his appearances after that comic came to its end too.  You see, Marvel had returned the rights to the strips to Lew so Colin has been able to pop up now-and-again in other stories from Lew, such as in Brickman.  Lew hopes to have the second issue out for Christmas and to continue with two a year until all six planned issues are published.

A quick preview to whet the appetite - check back
soon for a full write-up

Another example of the great small press scene here in the UK and I've already ordered mine directly from Lew's shop so it should be here in a day or two.  Once it's here and I've devoured its contents you can obviously expect a full review.  In the meantime though you can find more information on Lew's two blogs (Blimey! and Lew Stringer Comics) and check out his shop for not only this comic but previous titles too.

Alternatively on Lew's comics blog he's got a list of his forthcoming convention appearances (he's a very busy man!) where he'll have copies with him for purchase.

Colin was also a pleasant surprise as a recurring character in Brickman as I mentioned above and you can read up on Brickman Returns on this very blog.  A couple of his strips also appeared as a back-up in Derek the Troll which Lew released last Christmas and why not check out his hilarious take on a "battle" between Grimlock and Soundwave in my Beyond Oink! post on Transformers too?

Go on, treat yourselves.


Andy Luke said...

And now I'm imagining Combat Colin finding a way to de-Bay a Transformers film. I'd go see that. This looks great. Action Force had a smaller readership but the Quolinty (Colin+quality) was no less. Great we get to see these. Maybe the Aces Weekly strips all in good time?

Phil Boyce said...

I don't understand the whole "cool thing" of wanting to de-Bay them, I'm a huge TF fan, always have been and I love them, and judging by how phenomenally successful they are I'm in the majority :) so I'm sure Colin would rather go for a starring role in the next one instead :D Now THAT would be preferable lol!