Saturday, 13 May 2017


A couple of Christmases ago a good friend of mine bought me volume one of the Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium from Bitmap Books.  I'd grown up with the machine and a few years ago purchased one again for myself.  I've since sold it on but the book still resides on my shelf along with volume two, which I backed on Kickstarter and even wrote a mini-review of a game for.  I'm very proud of my contribution, no matter how small and both books are mighty impressive.  Sam Dyer of Bitmap has gone on to release further books based on other computers and consoles, each volume a masterpiece in design and they're simply stunning to look at, with loads of content for retro fans.

I've been signed up to news emails from Sam for a while now and over the weekend while I was in Enniskillen for the Comic Fest I received a regular update.  I scanned down it, thinking I'd give it a proper look when I got home, after all it'd be the usual updates on their latest retro console book and I was out meeting comics artists... and I froze!:

I immediately went to the Bitmap Books website but there was nothing there and there still isn't at the time of writing.  Obviously then this is just an early teaser, but what brilliant news!  I'm a huge War of the Worlds fan, which started when I sat down to watch an old movie with my mum one night in my mid-teens in the 1990s.  I knew it was made in the 1950s but my word the effects blew me away!  It was of course the classic movie starring Gene Barry and Ann Robinson and I was hooked.

I soon discovered the 1980s TV series sequel, the original novel, the Jeff Wayne musical version and the infamous Orson Welles radio broadcast, then later in life the superlative remake of that classic movie from Steven Spielberg.  To say I'm excited by the prospect of a telling of The War of the Worlds with comic art is an understatement, but to see it coming from Bitmap has me checking Kickstarter daily (even though I'll get a notification) due to the high quality of Sam's books thus far.  I have faith their first 'artbook' will be equally so.

Illustrator Adam Rufino seems like a perfect fit to bring a comicbook-like feel to the proceedings, with a history in sci-fi illustrations and retro gaming art (hence why he's been picked I'd assume) and you can check out his profile on Behance by clicking here.  A wide variety of work there and all very different, but the overall feel should lend itself perfectly to this classic tale from two centuries ago against the Martian invaders; the first ever alien invasion story just won't die, and nor should it!

I'll keep you updated.

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