Tuesday, 23 May 2017


When I started this little blog back in April 2013 I'd no idea the adventure it'd be leading me on.  I became good friends with some of the comic's creators online, met some of my heroes and they even contributed back to the blog with behind-the-scenes information and stories.  During Oink!'s monthly issues I covered the other main comics from my youth in my Beyond Oink! series and it became a hit, with editors, writers and contributors from IPC, Fleetway, Marvel etc getting in touch and sharing the blog further.  From following Lew Stringer's blog I became interested in 2000AD, became a Judge Dredd fan and collected it for a while, making new friends with fellow fans in Belfast along the way for regular monthly drinks, then former Marvel UK editor John Freeman asked me to contribute a review of the Future Shock documentary for his Down the Tubes website.

I soon lapsed from 2000AD and the world of comics again mainly to save money at the time and also while I explored the possibility of writing about another hobby: the Commodore 64.  After writing for a book and fanzine about the subject it wasn't long before I wanted to get stuck back into the world of Oink!  Suddenly plans were afoot (which will become clear at a later date) and then I found myself at the Enniskillen Comic Fest, initially to meet both Lew and Davy Francis and catch up with my 2000AD buddies.  However, my first comic con soon opened my eyes to so much more!

I met some amazingly talented people from the worlds of 2000AD, independent comics and the fandom of the modern day UK comics scene.  I came away wanting to subscribe to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic* once more and with the first issue of Vampire Free Style to get my teeth into (pun intended).  I'd had the best time and realised I wanted to delve deeper into these comics, both classic and modern.  I looked back and realised that through this little blog one thing had led to another very organically and it'd been quite the journey without even trying.  But what if I did try and get stuck in?

Well here now is the new Oink! Blog.  It's expanded bit-by-bit at different points in its short lifespan and now it's evolved into something bigger and better, but still with our favourite piggy publication at its heart: Phil's Oink! Blog and Beyond...

Over the next while you'll see some new additions and changes to the regular layout and sections, as well as an increase in posts (there have already been a few recently which have been leading to this relaunch).

In a nutshell Oink! introduced me to comics as a kid and now, 30 years later it's ended up RE-introducing me to comics all over again.  It's a very different landscape out there, full of exciting titles across many different formats; digital and print, regular comics and graphic novels, self-published and mainstream.  Come along and be reintroduced with me.  It's a ride worth taking!

* okay, second greatest!


Carol said...

Good to see your blog still going strong, Phil. And your report on the Comic Con was fab,sounds like you had a lot of fun!


Phil Boyce said...

It'll be going from strength-to-strength Carol, so keep an eye on it :)