Tuesday, 30 May 2017


After I'd covered all the regular issues of Oink! on the blog my attention temporarily went elsewhere (if you're interested you can find out where by clicking here) and while our comic's 30th birthday was covered over on the Facebook group by fans, it went unmarked here.  I know, it was sacrilege!  Longtime readers will also know my first book idea regarding Oink! was originally planned to coincided with the date but that project has been sidelined and replaced (news to come).  But now that I'm back here full-time again it's not too late to join in the festivities for the remainder of the comic's run.

Each issue in turn is still celebrating its anniversary as Oink!'s two-and-a-half-year birthday continues and I'll be publishing regular posts across social media commemorating each one as the run continues.  To get your fortnightly reminders, funny covers and strips brightening up your day and direct links to the issues all you have to do is one of three things... or do all three just to be on the safe side of course!  You can join the Oink! Facebook group, follow me on Twitter under the username @PhilEdBoyce (or keep an eye on the hashtag #oinkcomic) or on Instagram where I'm also known under the same name.

Today was the turn of #29:

I can't believe it's been thirty years since this brilliant Ian Jackson cover first made its appearance on our newsagents' shelves.  Actually, I can't believe it's been three years since I covered it on the blog!

You can click on the comic above to go to its page and catch up on all the goodies from Banx, Haldane, Les 'Lezz' Barton, Lew Stringer, Simon Thorpe, Tony Husband and Wilkie.  More recollections and celebrations to come so join up/follow/stalk to your heart's content and have Oink! delivered to the feed of your choice every fortnight!

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