Thursday, 27 April 2017


I couldn't let this week's sad news pass without mentioning the online tributes being paid to the immense talent of Leo Baxendale.  He may not have contributed to Oink! but his work was loved by all of us and his influence on the British comics scene is still felt today.

By the time I came to read comics as a child Leo had already moved away from mainstream titles and into the world of self-publishing.  But that doesn't mean I wasn't subjected to his intricate and joke-filled strips thanks to reprint specials, as well as both Big Comic Fortnightly and Funny Fortnightly.  His style was often copied (sometimes by request of publishers like D.C. Thomson and IPC/Fleetway) but nothing can compare to the sublime artwork of his originals, chock-full of extra little details that would surprise the eye on each subsequent reading.

There have been a few lovingly written tributes already and below are links to those from Lew Stringer on his Blimey blog and John Freeman across at his Down the Tubes site:

Leo influenced many of the cartoonists I grew up with in the pages of Oink! and elsewhere and Lew and John expertly sum up his work, his character and his legacy in beautifully worded, personal tributes.  Each also contains further lists to other tributes from many across the industry who have taken to their keyboards to express their sadness at his passing, but also to celebrate the archive of work he leaves behind.

Please take a while to journey through these websites and blogs and remember a unique talent in the long and rich history of British comics.

Leo's Nellyphant from Buster comic, as seen by by younger
self in the pages of Funny Fortnightly

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