Thursday, 1 December 2016


Howdy all.  Well it's finally here, Christmas time is upon us and I hope you're all eager to get the festive season started.  Regular readers will know this is my very favourite time of the year and I eagerly look forward to it.  All of December is Christmas to me, not just the one day and this year it's even more special as I've decided it's the perfect time to kickstart my two blogs.

It's about time, as both of my sites have been somewhat neglected for a while now.  So, inspired by the blogosphere's current trend of writers dedicating a post to each and every day of the month for what's been named 'Blogmas', I'm doing my own Twelve Posts of Christmas.  Nope, I'm not doing thirty-one posts!  I'm not that crazy.

Instead this blog and Recovering From a Scratch will each have six posts apiece to get me back into the swing of things.  Sometimes life takes a hold and leads us off in other directions whether we like it or not and it's important to find a way back to what we love.  Setting deadlines for my posts with each and every issue of Oink! (and now the issues of Commodore Format on the other blog) was a great motivator to keep me going and I'm immensely proud of what I achieved here over nearly three years.  So with that in mind, what can you expect to see coming up on The Oink! Blog?


Oink!'s spoof adverts were always hilarious and while I've shared some of their Christmas-themed ones with you in the past, there's a couple more which I simply didn't have space for.  So on these two dates you can look forward to the GBH Clear-Out Sale (if the tat they were hocking before wasn't clear-out stock then what on earth are they getting rid of?) and Frank Sidebottom not only offers advice on the perfect presents but will also be presenting a classic card for you to cut-out and give to the special person in your life.  Speaking of cutting up your comics, there'll be Oink!'s own Christmas cards and a special decorative mobile "for those who hate Christmas" (whoever they are!) and Burp will be on hand for a bit of infomercial cheese.


That's right, the slightly mental pensioner is making yet another comeback in brand new material thanks to her exceptionally talented creator, David Leach.  After the success of the dear little lady's debut comic and her semi-regular appearances in Aces Weekly, David also released the special one-off Psycho Gran Vs...  back at the beginning of the year featuring special art pieces of her taking on superheroes and the like and, naturally, coming out on top.  Well now her second issue is here, collecting those Aces Weekly strips together in one volume and I'll be taking a look at it on the 10th.

But that's not the only Oink!-related new comic stuff coming up!


Now Derek the Troll may not have been an Oink! character, instead coming from the pages of Warlock and White Dwarf which are two magazines I've never looked at, but Lew was certainly one of the main creative stars in our comic.  After the success of his Brickman comic which I've covered before comes a special comic collecting Derek's classic 1980s adventures into one shiny 32-page volume.  That's right, it's another honest-to-gosh published comic and is available now, so check back on the 17th and be ready to order it up pronto for Christmas.


Taken from the pages of the comic's two Christmas issues will come three festive fables to pass on to your own little ones on the eve of Santa's visit.  The classic, poignant and cheery stories will be The Poor Woodcutter, Xmas in Toytown and, naturally, Personby Claret the Know-it-all Parrot.  Regale your kids with stories about spoilt brats, revenge-filled toys and a stuck-up bird before leaving them alone in bed in the dark.

Oink! certainly knew how to entertain us and you can enjoy the festivities as you prepare for the big day.  Then, on The Big Day...


Both the 1988 and 1989 annuals have been covered over the previous two years on the blog but there's still a huge archive of material in there and, while I've always said I scan material sparingly, I've picked a few more highlights to bring to you while the rest of the family watch The Queen's Speech.  Just try not to laugh too loud and interrupt HRH.  I'll leave it as a complete surprise as to what I'll cover, but needless to say it'll bring back those very fond memories of opening these books for the first time, after they'd been brought down the chimney to all of us pig pals all those years ago.

So there you go folks, hopefully plenty for you to look forward to with a revamped and lively Oink! Blog once more.  My decorations are up, the Schloer is on ice and I'm impatiently awaiting the release of the Christmas TV Times.

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