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'Ello Duckies!  Can there be any Oink! reader who wasn't a fan of the psychotic-yet-lovable geriatric rouge that was Psycho Gran?  If you're new to the blog please take the time to click on her label on the left there (under Stuff in the Sty) and enjoy a selection of some of her very best mis-adventures.  Back in March 2014 I covered the brilliant news that her creator David Leach (whose birthday is also today, so remember to go on the Oink! Facebook group and wish him well) had decided to bring the little dear back in a brand new comic series.

Well, a mere two-and-a-half years later #2 is finally with us!

That is a long time to wait between issues, that's true but when you consider just how long it takes David to create these magnificently drawn and coloured masterpieces, and that there's a full comic's worth of them, you'll begin to understand.  Always advertised as an occasional series, basically as soon as he can complete it the next issue will be ready, it's a delight to welcome the second issue at last.

Also, remember in the time in between David has put together the equally brilliant Psycho Gran Vs... which I covered here too, as well as working on all the individual strips for digital comic Aces Weekly which are the subject of this issue.  That's right, anyone who subscribes to Aces may be disappointed to know this is a collection of reprints from that weekly title, but for the rest of her fans there's page-after-page of delights here for you, all for a measly amount of money.

Dark delights, though.  Don't be expecting exactly the same tone as her previous comics or her antics in Oink!  This is a much more adult take on 'Gran and you can tell David is relishing the opportunity to take her to places he simply couldn't before.  Psycho Gran suited Oink! perfectly yet was always a little bit more surreal and darkly comic than most of the other characters (with the exception of Jimmy 'The Cleaver' Smith obviously... now there's a mash up fans would adore if David and Jeremy Banx are reading!!) but here the twist endings can sometimes actually shock.  But obviously shock you and make you laugh at the same time!

You're laughing while thinking "I can't believe he's written this!" and you're loving every single minute.

This little dear hates rudeness and on the surface that's no different than any sweet little old lady.  That's the beauty of the character though, as things usually start out innocently and you're just waiting for that panel when you can see the true granny begin to emerge.  Sometimes this can be a sudden joke or a slow build, this latter option definitely being my own personal favourite.  In these you'll either find yourself trying to guess what's coming next, or simply enjoying the darker and darker plot twists with ever widening shocked eyes and roaring laughter.  You soon realise you'll never be able to guess where Mr. Leach's imagination will take you next.

So whether it's a footpath-owning cyclist, moaning train passengers or religious personal space invaders you'll always be pleasantly surprised at the results of their interactions with Psycho Gran and I can guarantee you'll be cheering her on by the end of each one.  There's seven stories of varying length and all presented in landscape format as above inside this 33-page digital-only comic and every single one is an art masterpiece.  There's only one question left and that's what are you still doing here?  At only £1.49 it's a steal, but you'll also be supporting UK comics and as a result you'll hopefully be able to look forward to a third issue plus more in Aces too in the future.  Just click on the ComiXology logo below:

Click here to purchase #2 and #1 is still
available too!

Brilliant stuff and it's fantastic to see this Oink! original still going strong.  After you've devoured the new issue make sure you come back here next Saturday, the 17th December for the latest physical comic from Tom Thug, Pete & his Pimple and Pigswilla creator Lew Stringer, called Derek the Troll!  The Happy Holidays continue...

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