Saturday, 24 December 2016


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone out there!  I hope you're all as happy and excited about the season as I am.  Already I've swapped presents with one of my best friends as is our tradition, received wonderful birthday gifts and enjoyed some birthday and Christmas lunches, dinners and nights out with some friends and my better half .  I do love this time of year and am looking forward to seeing the family tomorrow.

I don't need to tell you how the Christmas editions of our comics were a big part of that anticipation of the holidays when we were kids, am I right?  It's great to see a festive Beano still out there on the shelves every year and today I've plucked out three pages from the two Christmas Oink!s we enjoyed three decades ago.  Yes, I've already covered them before and you can click on their covers at the bottom of this post to read the highlights, but today I've deliberately chosen three children's stories from them.  After all, it's tradition to have some Christmas-themed, sweet and innocent children's tales this time of year.

Well, forget about it.  Being sweet and innocent was never Oink!'s aim, it set out to be different from the rest and, most importantly, to actually be funny!  It had a habit of sending up the more traditional stories we'd have been reading as youngsters and below are three such examples from writer Mark Rodgers and artist Dave Skillen in Xmas in Toytown which does a superb job of imitating kids' books of the day, Tony Husband and Chas Sinclair with the tale with a bang that is The Woodcutter and finally Personby Claret the Know-it-all Parrot makes his one-and-only (unfortunately) appearance in Short John Slither, a pirate adventure for the holidays from writers G&K (sorry, I have no idea who that is) and Viz artist Steve Gibson lends his skills to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

Thanks to Patrick Gallagher for the help in identifying those responsible for these pages.

Top two from #17, Personby from #43

That's not quite all from The Oink! Blog for Christmas 2016 though.  Tomorrow there'll be some more highlights from the first annual, The Oink! Book 1988, when I'll post up seven more classics including some from favourite characters who we haven't seen anything from in quite some time on the blog!  So when you're stuffed with stuffing come back, settle down with a Schloer and enjoy a good giggle from the annual you received 29 years ago!

In the meantime here's those two issues you can read all about from their previous blog posts:

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