Sunday, 24 July 2016


UPDATE: The below was originally intended as an introductory post when I was going to wrap up this blog.  It has since, in 2017, been relaunched and is going from strength-to-strength again!

Hello!  Who else remembers this wild and crazy comic from Britain's best creative team?  Criminally, up until a few years ago you'd have been hard pushed to find anything about it online, so as a huge fan I decided to take it upon myself to correct this.  What started out as a fun thing to do in my spare time every fortnight soon took over a huge chunk of my life and I loved every single piggin' minute of it.

Now it's all here for you to enjoy, from the preview issue all the way through to the final one, via specials, books, computer games, mugs, giant pimples, smelly aliens, scary butchers, spoofs of pretty much everything we grew top with, plops, Frank Sidebottom and everything in-between.  Crafted from the minds of the likes of Tony Husband, Mark Rodgers, Lew Stringer, Charlie Brooker, Jeremy Banx, J.T. Dogg, Davy Francis, Kev Sutherland and David Leach amongst many, many others, including special appearances from such talent as Dave Gibbons, John Geering and Kevin O'Neill this was a who's who of British comics.

The blog has proved more popular than I could ever have possibly imagined and I'm so proud of it, but most of all I'm ecstatic Oink! has proven to be so loved by both those of us who grew up with it and new readers alike, if the feedback has been anything to go by.  This treasure trove of classic comedy not only stands up against the test of time but is surprisingly relevant today too.  It's been an absolute blast and the content here isn't going anywhere and will remain as an archive for pig pals old and new, with plenty of strips to enjoy alongside extra content such as input from the people behind the characters and my own personal memories of how this formed an important part of my childhood, and indeed my life.


Over on the left there you'll see a section called The Whole Hog which I've organised with the oldest posts first, so all you have to do is click on the arrows beside the years, then months and work your way down starting from April 2013 and the Heading Back to the Sty post which started it all off.  From there on all you have to do is laugh, which is something you'll be doing a lot of!

Enjoy the ride!

As for me, I've wrapped up this blog and have moved on to two other writing projects, one centred around the Commodore 64 computer from the 80s and 90s, the other based on the modern Apple Watch and fitness.  The former centres around my other blog Recovering From a Scratch and there you'll find out about how I'm developing my writing further (which I've rediscovered my passion for thanks to Oink!) through contributions to actual published works and a project of my own.  The latter can be found on Instagram for now under the name Watch My Year, in which I'm tracking how my health and fitness changes over a year of use of the Apple Watch, which I aim to write up for iBooks once my conclusions are drawn.

If you'd like to contact me you can do so through either one of those avenues or directly through email at

For now, enjoy Oink!  I certainly did and I'm rather envious my read-through has finished while any new blog readers out there get to discover (or rediscover) these hilarious characters and situations and enjoy the brilliant work of some extremely talented individuals, who all came together and created something unique and timeless.  It may have only been with us for three years, but hopefully now it'll always be here to enjoy over and over and entertain new generations.

Fondly remembered and if I have anything to do with it, it'll never be forgotten.  Enjoy!



This blog seems to be saying “Hello and goodbye”. It makes sense to use this as a springboard to invite readers to check out previous posts if there’re not going to be any more updates. I understand why having read the preceding post. I also understand that life’s got to go on. Even so, as someone who still gets choked up over Tammy’s abrupt cancellation 32 years ago … it kind of hurts. Of course, I realise that the only approach is the one you took: to enjoy what we had and not bemoan what might have been. We all want something or another to have been different to how it was. So on the basis that your approach was the only doable one, be assured I’ll dip in on a regular basis and savour the happy piggy memories. If you think I’ve stated the obvious take my word that, for certain medical reasons, thinking in a glum fashion is my default setting and for me the above is highly advanced! Take care.

Phil Boyce said...

Thanks for staying with the blog Stephen. Yup, the idea was always to celebrate each issue on the date of their release so even at the start it was going to be for a limited time. I'm thrilled the stats are so high and continue to grow daily, just goes to show how well Oink! holds up today, a true testament to its quality! I'm going to miss reading it I have to say but pastures new are calling and exciting new ventures await, and I'll always have Oink! to thank.