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29 years ago today this cheery face greeted so many of us on Christmas morning and brought with it so many laughs and fond memories it's remained my favourite childhood book of any kind to this day.  More than that though it reads just as well as an adult, not only ageing well but always appealing to readers of all ages, young and old (of which I'm unfortunately in the latter category these days).  I've covered it before across three posts back in 2014 and you can still access them by clicking on the back cover at the bottom (no pun intended) of this post.  But to celebrate the festive season and the very, very best time of the year I decided to delve back in one more time and bring you eight strips to chuckle at while the rest of the family watch the Queen.

There's some characters here we haven't heard from in a long time on the blog and I've deliberately picked out some of those you may have been missing.  So below we've got fan-favourites Roger Rental, He's Completely Mental (written by Mark Rodgers, drawn by Ian Knox), Horace [Ugly Face] Watkins (from Tony Husband), Mr. Big Nose (Banx) and Hugo the Hungry Hippo (Haldane).

Oink! also took the hand out of the traditional comics, but always lovingly so as the team had grown up as fans obviously.  The Oink! Book 1988 had a very funny mini-comic inside called The Deano which lampooned the fact the Beano and Dandy had reached their 50th anniversary milestone.  I included some of these before in the second post from the annual two Christmases ago, but here now is Desperate Old Man by Tony Husband and drawn very authentically by Ed McHenry when compared to the original comic!

We loved our photo stories and spoofs, so below is the Mark Rodgers-scripted At the Library which was the comic's own version of such educational stories that would've been found in much younger children's magazines and comics.  With photos taken by James Gallagher, it was included in another of the annual's pitch-perfect comedy takes on the mini-comic, Fun-hour.

I've also thrown in The Zits from Dave Fellows, a strip which only ever appeared in this book and which I included the first of in the third part of my previous write-up.  Both were by Dave, who only contributed to some early editions of Oink!, so they were possibly meant as regular characters originally.  Perhaps the decision was made not to include them, or perhaps Dave moved on.  Either way, they made for perfect annual-fodder.  Plus, later in the regular comic's run we'd a certain Pete & his Pimple to take on the mantle of spotty favourite.

Finally at the bottom of the post is Ena Blighty's Five Go Adventuring Yet Again.  These strips (written by Mark with the artwork of Chas Sinclair) spoofed how outdated the Famous Five books actually were and this strip in particular hits a great comedic note at the end of 2016!  I'm sure you'll catch my drift given some of the bigger events of the year!

Enjoy folks!

I hope you've a fantastic day and indeed an awesome Christmas altogether!  I'll be back in the New Year and remember you can click on the back cover of this annual below to be taken right back to my original post of highlights.  There, each of the three write-ups are linked together sequentially too.

Have a good one everyone!

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone out there!  I hope you're all as happy and excited about the season as I am.  Already I've swapped presents with one of my best friends as is our tradition, received wonderful birthday gifts and enjoyed some birthday and Christmas lunches, dinners and nights out with some friends and my better half .  I do love this time of year and am looking forward to seeing the family tomorrow.

I don't need to tell you how the Christmas editions of our comics were a big part of that anticipation of the holidays when we were kids, am I right?  It's great to see a festive Beano still out there on the shelves every year and today I've plucked out three pages from the two Christmas Oink!s we enjoyed three decades ago.  Yes, I've already covered them before and you can click on their covers at the bottom of this post to read the highlights, but today I've deliberately chosen three children's stories from them.  After all, it's tradition to have some Christmas-themed, sweet and innocent children's tales this time of year.

Well, forget about it.  Being sweet and innocent was never Oink!'s aim, it set out to be different from the rest and, most importantly, to actually be funny!  It had a habit of sending up the more traditional stories we'd have been reading as youngsters and below are three such examples from writer Mark Rodgers and artist Dave Skillen in Xmas in Toytown which does a superb job of imitating kids' books of the day, Tony Husband and Chas Sinclair with the tale with a bang that is The Woodcutter and finally Personby Claret the Know-it-all Parrot makes his one-and-only (unfortunately) appearance in Short John Slither, a pirate adventure for the holidays from writers G&K (sorry, I have no idea who that is) and Viz artist Steve Gibson lends his skills to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

Thanks to Patrick Gallagher for the help in identifying those responsible for these pages.

Top two from #17, Personby from #43

That's not quite all from The Oink! Blog for Christmas 2016 though.  Tomorrow there'll be some more highlights from the first annual, The Oink! Book 1988, when I'll post up seven more classics including some from favourite characters who we haven't seen anything from in quite some time on the blog!  So when you're stuffed with stuffing come back, settle down with a Schloer and enjoy a good giggle from the annual you received 29 years ago!

In the meantime here's those two issues you can read all about from their previous blog posts:

Saturday, 17 December 2016


Buy a copy or Angel Tom Thug will duff yer up!

What a brilliant stocking filler this could be for the Oink! fan in your life.  Or indeed for yourself!  Lew Stringer is synonymous with the piggy publication thanks to his creations Pete & his Pimple, Tom Thug and Pigswilla amongst a multitude of semi-regulars and one-off strips, as well as writing the scripts for none other than Ham Dare, Pig of the Future.  But as a child he was literally everywhere for a lot of us.  So much so it was strange to come across a comic his work didn't appear in as far as this pig pal is concerned.

Transformers, Action Force, The Real Ghostbusters, Secret Wars... just a few of the titles I'd pick up and find a familiar cartoonist's work inside, though my first exposure was obviously Oink!  But here's a 1980s character I wasn't aware of until this year.  Derek the Troll was created for role-playing magazine Warlock before coasting across to White Dwarf when the former title folded.  Now White Dwarf I've heard of and I know it's a huge deal to the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer players, but none of that is for me and so this was one of Lew's creations that passed me by.  If you're the same as me never fear, for a wonderful reprint comic has just hit the 'net:

The comic begins with a
never-before-published strip

Trolls are a breed of character in these games which are generally overlooked, grunts in the bigger battles and cannon fodder for the enemy.  But here one takes centre stage as a "likeable troll with obnoxious habits" to quote Lew himself, which sounds like a perfect character for Oink! fans to get behind, doesn't it?  He certainly is and the strips are highly imaginative given the almost limitless scope of the tabletop games universes he's meant to be set in.  Expect groan-worthy puns, plenty of spoofs of the other character types, another of Lew's rhyming strips we liked so much previously on this blog and a cheeky and very funny dig at the White Dwarf readers who wrote in to say they didn't like his inclusion after the cancellation of Warlock.

Originally created for a reader competition for the original magazine, the editors thought he'd make for a great regular character instead.  The first strip which appeared was a half-page story but the original one submitted by Lew was a full page and this is included here for the first time in print alongside the published version and the whole of the nine-issue run.  Also here is a strip created especially for the You are the Hero book in 2013.  My personal favourite?  The one based around those "choose your own ending" adventure books is a brilliant take on those interactive novels with some hilarious consequences for Derek!

But that's not all.

Just as with this year's Brickman Returns comic there's a load of backup material, this time in the form of Rock Solid, an egotistical, self-centred space hero whose ego is a lot more evident than any actual talent.  Lew does explain in this comic how Rock was difficult to write as he was deliberately created to be unlikeable, yet the readers had to enjoy the strip and want to see more.  Lew does a brilliant job of this and handles this balance perfectly.  In the strip below Earth is being invaded by the evil Grots and they've called for help but this was answered by the one person they didn't want, Rock Solid.  This final page of the three-page opener begins after Rock has kicked a military commander out of his way (that's him falling out of the window in the first panel) so he can take centre stage:

Rock Solid, another of Lew's creations I
hadn't read until now

Rock was created for independent comic Swift Sure and all five three-page strips are present here.  It's a fun adventure and a shame he never returned but it's great to discover lost gems like this and it's limited run makes it all the more unique for us now.  Definitely worth it for the enemy leader alone, the gross Lucas Mucus!  A complete contrast to Derek but a perfect fit nevertheless for this fun Lew Stringer comic.

Rounding off the package are two half-page Combat Colin strips (yey!) from the pages of Marvel UK's Transformers, a comic I grew up with and had the pleasure in recent years of collecting and reading right through.  Lew does mention here he'll be collecting all of Colin's adventures from the 80s and early 90s together into an ongoing series of comics in 2017 and that news is just the best way to finish this off for me!:

Now there's a new comic series that'll be simply unmissable!

There you have it folks, don't let this brilliant title slip you by, click here to go to Lew's shop and order up your issue for a measly £3.50.  A bargain no doubt and one any Oink! fan will just love.  Get going folks, you've a comic to buy!

Back here on The Oink! Blog I'll be back on the morning of Christmas Eve (which is this Saturday!) with some children's tales... of a sort.

Saturday, 10 December 2016


'Ello Duckies!  Can there be any Oink! reader who wasn't a fan of the psychotic-yet-lovable geriatric rouge that was Psycho Gran?  If you're new to the blog please take the time to click on her label on the left there (under Stuff in the Sty) and enjoy a selection of some of her very best mis-adventures.  Back in March 2014 I covered the brilliant news that her creator David Leach (whose birthday is also today, so remember to go on the Oink! Facebook group and wish him well) had decided to bring the little dear back in a brand new comic series.

Well, a mere two-and-a-half years later #2 is finally with us!

That is a long time to wait between issues, that's true but when you consider just how long it takes David to create these magnificently drawn and coloured masterpieces, and that there's a full comic's worth of them, you'll begin to understand.  Always advertised as an occasional series, basically as soon as he can complete it the next issue will be ready, it's a delight to welcome the second issue at last.

Also, remember in the time in between David has put together the equally brilliant Psycho Gran Vs... which I covered here too, as well as working on all the individual strips for digital comic Aces Weekly which are the subject of this issue.  That's right, anyone who subscribes to Aces may be disappointed to know this is a collection of reprints from that weekly title, but for the rest of her fans there's page-after-page of delights here for you, all for a measly amount of money.

Dark delights, though.  Don't be expecting exactly the same tone as her previous comics or her antics in Oink!  This is a much more adult take on 'Gran and you can tell David is relishing the opportunity to take her to places he simply couldn't before.  Psycho Gran suited Oink! perfectly yet was always a little bit more surreal and darkly comic than most of the other characters (with the exception of Jimmy 'The Cleaver' Smith obviously... now there's a mash up fans would adore if David and Jeremy Banx are reading!!) but here the twist endings can sometimes actually shock.  But obviously shock you and make you laugh at the same time!

You're laughing while thinking "I can't believe he's written this!" and you're loving every single minute.

This little dear hates rudeness and on the surface that's no different than any sweet little old lady.  That's the beauty of the character though, as things usually start out innocently and you're just waiting for that panel when you can see the true granny begin to emerge.  Sometimes this can be a sudden joke or a slow build, this latter option definitely being my own personal favourite.  In these you'll either find yourself trying to guess what's coming next, or simply enjoying the darker and darker plot twists with ever widening shocked eyes and roaring laughter.  You soon realise you'll never be able to guess where Mr. Leach's imagination will take you next.

So whether it's a footpath-owning cyclist, moaning train passengers or religious personal space invaders you'll always be pleasantly surprised at the results of their interactions with Psycho Gran and I can guarantee you'll be cheering her on by the end of each one.  There's seven stories of varying length and all presented in landscape format as above inside this 33-page digital-only comic and every single one is an art masterpiece.  There's only one question left and that's what are you still doing here?  At only £1.49 it's a steal, but you'll also be supporting UK comics and as a result you'll hopefully be able to look forward to a third issue plus more in Aces too in the future.  Just click on the ComiXology logo below:

Click here to purchase #2 and #1 is still
available too!

Brilliant stuff and it's fantastic to see this Oink! original still going strong.  After you've devoured the new issue make sure you come back here next Saturday, the 17th December for the latest physical comic from Tom Thug, Pete & his Pimple and Pigswilla creator Lew Stringer, called Derek the Troll!  The Happy Holidays continue...

Monday, 5 December 2016


Burp, Frank Sidebottom and GBH are back in the second of my Twelve Posts of Christmas, which is taking in both of my blogs, The Oink! Blog and Recovering From a Scratch, my equally-retro Commodore 64 site.  It's been a while (about a year!) since I last scanned in pages from this classic comic for you and there's more to come!  For now though, here's another three pages from across Oink!'s two Christmas issues to help you prepare for the 25th.

As we get closer to Christmas Day you'll see the shops reduce their prices on decorations and even their gifts more and more.  I have to say on the decorations side of things I usually lose out on this as I like to have my place all Christmassy on the 1st December at the latest.  On the gift side of things though places like Debenhams are great for sales etc. throughout December that I can enjoy instead of braving the jungle that is Boxing Day.  Oink!'s own spoof mail order company, GBH was always known for poor-quality (to say the least) products and sky-high prices and if you haven't seen any of their Madvertisements before you should check out the previous Christmas Catalogues I've featured before here and here first.  Trust me, they're a hoot.

But here, one of the pages I never included last time is the GBH Christmas Clear-Out from #43 and while we don't get those imaginative homemade props and silly photographs, the spirit of the dodgy company is still clearly there.  So as part of my shopping guide, if you're still looking for those last-minute stocking ideas or haven't yet bought that new tree you've been promising your loved ones since last year, look no further.

Well, look for your credit card first and then look no further:

One TV channel I hadn't seen in many, many years until recently was QVC.  In fact I think the last time I saw it before this week was when I still lived at home and my mother was somewhat addicted to such channels.  You'll just have to trust me when I say that was a while back.  However, this week my better half turned on said channel one night.  I was less surprised that it still existed in pretty much the exact format as it had all those years ago, and more surprised that she knew exactly when the Yankee Candle hour was on!

But anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Oink! wasn't above taking the hand out of such enterprises and has done so previously.  But it didn't stop there.  To this day if you turn on some channels late at night (or indeed early in the morning) you'll find an endless stream of infomercials and QVC-like adverts filled with the same kind of over-confidence in the products.  I remember watching some of these infomercials as a teen when we were first subjected to them, as they could be so unintentionally hilarious!  Below is an Oink! take on the same phenomenon from Banx and his creation Burp the Smelly Alien from Outer Space.

Now I will admit from the hour of QVC I was subjected to the other night it does seem to be a lot calmer than the one my mum used to watch.  I should just get that in there before my girlfriend reads this all.  But also, I should point out I do think she'll read the first two story panels of this next strip and instantly think of me!  (Just the first two panels after the title one, just to be clear!)

Finally for this two-part shopping guide (the first part is available here) it's yet another cut-out Christmas card but this time from the hands of none other than Frank Sidebottom (or rather the man behind the mask, the late, great Chris Sievey).  Get this downloaded, printed off and then have your felt-tip pens at the ready and either a steady hand or a ruler to bring it to life in his colouring style:

That's it folks, but I'll be back here this Saturday, the 10th December with information on the latest comic from David Leach featuring Psycho Gran!  Before then my Twelve Posts of Christmas continues over on my Recovering From a Scratch blog with a review of a rather fine Commodore 64 coffee table book which also happens to feature myself on one page.  Obviously that page won't count towards the review (or else I'd have to mark it down!), so see you soon.

In the meantime you can read more about the two Christmas issues of Oink! by clicking on either of their covers below.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Welcome to the first of my Twelve Posts of Christmas taking part across my two completely different blogs.  You can read more about this and what I'm covering by clicking here and also on my Recovering From a Scratch.

I must admit it feels good to be back on here, scanning in a few pages of the best comic ever crafted and sharing them with fellow pig pals both old and new.  You'll also be glad to hear in this post and the next I'm keeping my waffling to a minimum and letting these few pages do the talking!  I've covered the Christmas issues before in depth and you can read all about them and see many more pages by clicking on the two covers at the bottom of this post.

First up from #17 let's get all those "Bah Humbug" people out of the way first, shall we?  Do they not realise it takes so much more effort to be a Scrooge than it does to just relax and enjoy the season?  To hammer the point home, while we're hanging up our decorations that have been in the loft for eleven months, or popping out to buy some more merriment for our living rooms, the people who can't stand Christmas will have to make do with printing out the back page below, cutting it up and assembling their own anti-festive decoration themselves.  An unknown artist unfortunately but here's Oink's Xmas Mobile for People who hate Xmas:

At this point in the comic's life the late and great Chris Sievey, the man behind the famous papier-mache head of Frank Sidebottom had only just joined one issue previous, but he'd already made a big impression upon the readers.  Chris would write, draw and colour all of his own work throughout the rest of the entire run and his comic strips must've taken so long to complete, being intricately drawn and then coloured with felt-tip!  When you see some of the full-page strips you can't help but think they must've taken an age to complete and you'd be right.  For the first Christmas issue however we instead had his 3 fantastic xmas gifts page.  It may not be a strip but it still contains some beautiful hand-drawn artwork in his inimitable style.  Coming across as loose, free and rough, Chris spent hours on his pieces for Oink! to achieve that very look, while treating us kids to such vivid colours and unique and original images.  Double-sided sticky tape at the ready:

Finally for today another artist whose style was, and is, deliberately loose and freeform is Oink! co-creator and co-editor Tony Husband.  This time around though he left his own creations of the likes of Horace Ugly-Face Watkins and Kid Gangster at home and instead crafted some fun cut-out Christmas Cards from Lew Stringer's Tom Thug, Marc Riley's Harry the Head and Banx's Burp the Smelly Alien from Outer Space.  Thrown in for good measure is a snowman of our esteemed editor Uncle Pigg, who we were used to seeing drawn by Ian Jackson, though he'd be redrawn by almost every artist at one stage or another.  Another excuse to fire up your printers:

I'll be back on Monday 5th December with the second part of Oink!'s Christmas Shopping Guide, but new readers could see these few pages as a quick preview of the fun Christmas issues below.  Click on either of the covers to be treated to a whole world of frivolities including Ham Dare Pig of the Future, Mr Big Nose, spoof Christmas TV listings, The Hamformers, The Snowbloke and another cut-out in the form of a Tom Thug Christmas angel for the top of your tree.

See you Monday!

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Howdy all.  Well it's finally here, Christmas time is upon us and I hope you're all eager to get the festive season started.  Regular readers will know this is my very favourite time of the year and I eagerly look forward to it.  All of December is Christmas to me, not just the one day and this year it's even more special as I've decided it's the perfect time to kickstart my two blogs.

It's about time, as both of my sites have been somewhat neglected for a while now.  So, inspired by the blogosphere's current trend of writers dedicating a post to each and every day of the month for what's been named 'Blogmas', I'm doing my own Twelve Posts of Christmas.  Nope, I'm not doing thirty-one posts!  I'm not that crazy.

Instead this blog and Recovering From a Scratch will each have six posts apiece to get me back into the swing of things.  Sometimes life takes a hold and leads us off in other directions whether we like it or not and it's important to find a way back to what we love.  Setting deadlines for my posts with each and every issue of Oink! (and now the issues of Commodore Format on the other blog) was a great motivator to keep me going and I'm immensely proud of what I achieved here over nearly three years.  So with that in mind, what can you expect to see coming up on The Oink! Blog?


Oink!'s spoof adverts were always hilarious and while I've shared some of their Christmas-themed ones with you in the past, there's a couple more which I simply didn't have space for.  So on these two dates you can look forward to the GBH Clear-Out Sale (if the tat they were hocking before wasn't clear-out stock then what on earth are they getting rid of?) and Frank Sidebottom not only offers advice on the perfect presents but will also be presenting a classic card for you to cut-out and give to the special person in your life.  Speaking of cutting up your comics, there'll be Oink!'s own Christmas cards and a special decorative mobile "for those who hate Christmas" (whoever they are!) and Burp will be on hand for a bit of infomercial cheese.


That's right, the slightly mental pensioner is making yet another comeback in brand new material thanks to her exceptionally talented creator, David Leach.  After the success of the dear little lady's debut comic and her semi-regular appearances in Aces Weekly, David also released the special one-off Psycho Gran Vs...  back at the beginning of the year featuring special art pieces of her taking on superheroes and the like and, naturally, coming out on top.  Well now her second issue is here, collecting those Aces Weekly strips together in one volume and I'll be taking a look at it on the 10th.

But that's not the only Oink!-related new comic stuff coming up!


Now Derek the Troll may not have been an Oink! character, instead coming from the pages of Warlock and White Dwarf which are two magazines I've never looked at, but Lew was certainly one of the main creative stars in our comic.  After the success of his Brickman comic which I've covered before comes a special comic collecting Derek's classic 1980s adventures into one shiny 32-page volume.  That's right, it's another honest-to-gosh published comic and is available now, so check back on the 17th and be ready to order it up pronto for Christmas.


Taken from the pages of the comic's two Christmas issues will come three festive fables to pass on to your own little ones on the eve of Santa's visit.  The classic, poignant and cheery stories will be The Poor Woodcutter, Xmas in Toytown and, naturally, Personby Claret the Know-it-all Parrot.  Regale your kids with stories about spoilt brats, revenge-filled toys and a stuck-up bird before leaving them alone in bed in the dark.

Oink! certainly knew how to entertain us and you can enjoy the festivities as you prepare for the big day.  Then, on The Big Day...


Both the 1988 and 1989 annuals have been covered over the previous two years on the blog but there's still a huge archive of material in there and, while I've always said I scan material sparingly, I've picked a few more highlights to bring to you while the rest of the family watch The Queen's Speech.  Just try not to laugh too loud and interrupt HRH.  I'll leave it as a complete surprise as to what I'll cover, but needless to say it'll bring back those very fond memories of opening these books for the first time, after they'd been brought down the chimney to all of us pig pals all those years ago.

So there you go folks, hopefully plenty for you to look forward to with a revamped and lively Oink! Blog once more.  My decorations are up, the Schloer is on ice and I'm impatiently awaiting the release of the Christmas TV Times.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Regular readers will be familiar with the working title below as I'd promoted a new Oink! book as such on the blog at the time I was originally planning it.  I'd developed the idea of what the book would be and spoke to several of the people behind Oink! to see if they'd be interested in taking part, as well as to gauge reactions.

It was a very positive experience but as I've detailed previously I'd tried several times to contact Egmont (who'd purchased the rights to the comic from IPC, but not the contents which was all creator-owned) but they never responded.  Now however, Rebellion have stepped up to the plate and bought IPC's back catalogue including our classic piggy pink publication, which could explain why Egmont never replied, after all these deals take time.

I'm going to be contacting Rebellion but I've also decided that even if I don't hear back I'm going to go ahead with this book anyway.  It's a labour of love and just look at the other examples of fan-produced products such as the documentaries Future Shock (about 2000AD, which was floated about film festivals before the rights were eventually obtained to release it commercially), The Shark is Still Working (fan-produced making-of Jaws documentary, made without official backing but eventually purchased by Universal and now on the Jaws Blu-Ray) and Being Frank, the Frank Sidebottom film still awaiting release.  All great examples of what can be achieved if the passion and determination is there and they all worked out in the end.  They produced fantastic work which then caught the attention of the rights-holders.


The book I'm now going to be working on is somewhat different to the previous idea and in this regard I think it not coming to fruition will actually have been for the best!  Originally it was simply a book written by a fan telling the story of the greatest comic ever crafted.  That's not to sell it short, of course.  It was going to include contributions from as many of the original team as possible, plus it wasn't going to have chapters as such.  Rather, it'd have told the story in one long form but separated into sections based on characters, the comic itself, the brand etc. with plenty of reprints and interviews along the way.

When I write that now it all sounds very unoriginal and uninspiring and I'm glad to say the focus has changed dramatically.  I'll come back soon with more details on this but there's a sneak preview of what I mean at the bottom of this post, after the upcoming images.

First up though, I thought you might be interested in seeing the original pitch document I put together at the time to summarise the original idea and show it to others for feedback.  Oink! editor Patrick Gallagher in particular helped with editing this too and I was very pleased with it, but I never showed it to anyone other than some close friends and those who worked on the comic.

So here it is, the book that will never be.  But that's only because something even better is coming (in my humble opinion, of course), which I'll get to below.


I'll fill you in properly soon on the new project, but I just want to give you a taster and to point out the basic difference between the ideas.  This blog itself kind of became the story of Oink! from the fan's point of view.  What started off as a fun sampling of each issue expanded into something far more, including my own personal memories of the comic and the times I had with it.  Some of the people responsible contributed with some lovely insights and knowledge too, but it was really about a pig pal reliving it all over again, reminiscing while experiencing it with fresh, adult eyes.

The book above was really just going to redo all of that.  But there's no point in rehashing what's come before, that's not very Oink!-like.  No, an original and fresh approach was needed.

The new book (which I'll keep the working title for, at least for the time being) is going to be the story of Oink! from the perspective of those who created it.  When the blog took off I had the chance to chat to the likes of Patrick and cartoonist Davy Francis on the phone, as well as lengthy conversations online with Lew Stringer (who I still chat to frequently I'm happy to say), David Leach, Helen Jones and others who have become good Facebook friends since.  These led me to discover some truly hilarious stories which have never been shared before and as a fan I know these are clearly what we'd like to hear about!  Even if some of these stories may not be quite as kiddie-friendly as the comic!

That's all I'm saying for now, but you can take it from me it's going to be a fun experience writing this and I'll be documenting it all every step of the way right here on The Oink! Blog.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


UPDATE: Recovering From A Scratch is no more and as you'll see from the logo here, The Oink! Blog has been relaunched since this post was originally written and is going from strength-to-strength.

Eagle-eyed followers of my two blogs may notice a similarity in the latest post to go up on each.  That's because I'm writing this with the specific intention of it appearing on both.

Worlds collided on a chilled afternoon while I contemplated
just how well they'll work together

I closed down The Oink! Blog at the beginning of the year, having covered all of the regular issues on the date of their original release all those years ago, as was the intention from the very beginning.  The book project had floundered when, after several attempts, Egmont never returned any of my email enquiries.  After I'd written the blog from the point of view of a pig pal (this is what the comic called its dedicated readers) the idea behind the book was to retrace the Oink! story from the perspective of those extremely talented individuals who worked on it.  Unlike most comics of the day where the publisher owned the rights to all of the contents, Oink!'s characters and strips were creator-owned and the members of the team I was able to speak to during my time with the blog were always very supportive, of both the online writing and the prospect of a book.  However 'Oink!' as an entity still belonged to Egmont.  It's complicated!

It seemed all hope was lost and instead of plowing on ahead and hoping something could be worked out at some future point I moved focus to my new blog, Recovering From a Scratch.

In my teen years the Commodore 64 home computer was a massive part of what made me 'me'.  I purchased one again last year and set about rediscovering it all over again.  My passion for writing and wishing to do something with it had come about very naturally from producing the Oink! Blog and the idea was to see where the 64 one would take me next.  This year I've had a couple of things in print already and I'd had an idea for a rather large writing project with the Commodore and had been working on it for a while now.  The blog suffered as a result though, with nowhere near the amount of posts I wanted being published.

But as I looked more and more into the modern day C64 scene it was clear it's a lot bigger than I could ever have possibly imagined!  After the computer's commercial life came to an end in the mid-90s the home-brew one took over and I made some games, a disk magazine and ran a public domain software library.  But this couldn't have prepared me for what's out there today!

So I'm refocussing.


This realisation of the vastness of the Commodore 64 scene, coupled with 2000AD publisher Rebellion's purchase of the IPC back catalogue from Egmont (including Oink!) got me thinking about my future in writing.

RECOVERING FROM A SCRATCH - I started this blog with the idea of seeing where I'd take me, just as the Oink! one had even though that hadn't been the plan at the beginning.  So far I've been published in the second volume of the Commodore 64: a visual commpendium series and the soon-to-be-released second issue of Eight Bit magazine, both of which I'm incredibly proud of.  The Retro Video Gamer website has also asked me to be a regular contributor of C64 reviews and I'm starting on that this very evening.  However instead of developing along these lines I jumped ahead.

I had an idea I loved for an ongoing writing project which involved writing about the modern day scene, but as I read up on it the more I discovered it's huge!  It's not just people collecting retro games, there's so much more happening out there across many vintage formats and the Commodores are extremely popular in particular.  There's no way I could do them justice.  It would be like writing a book about Oink! right back when I first started the blog.

But I'm only delaying things, not cancelling.  For now the focus is squarely back on the blog, just as it should be as I continue to rediscover this brilliantly fun machine.  I've actually been ignoring it while I tried to force myself down that path so it's time to refocus.  I may go down a different path with it in the end and create a different project, but it's definitely something I've a passion for and so is a perfect subject for me to write about.  The proof of that is how much writing I'm doing elsewhere about it already!  So I'm taking the approach more akin to the Oink! one and seeing where it goes first.  I've enjoyed where it's led so far so if I focus on that now, who knows.

Fun times ahead and a lot more posts to come.  Finally!

THE OINK! BLOG - Well if you're reading this on the Oink! site you'll most likely have already correctly guessed it's been resurrected.  With only a couple of further specials from the 80s to cover there's obviously not enough of the original comics to write about anymore, so why have I brought the blog back?  The book.  It's back on and I'm extremely excited.  In a nutshell, in the back of my head I was always disappointed about how the promises I'd made on the blog previously never came to fruition, but after Rebellion's purchase of the title those thoughts have been trickling back out again.

I was nuts to give up and that's basically what I did, I gave up!  I've seen fan projects created without official backing being obtained until complete and this shouldn't have been any different.  Plus I did have the backing of those that had worked on it.  Above, I described how I'm expanding my knowledge on the other blog, but Oink! is a subject I know a whole lot about already.  There's always new things to learn and new stories to be told and that was the whole point of the book project.  So I had a brilliant starting point and I'm back there now you'll be (hopefully) glad to hear.

The blog will now be tracking progress on this as I go along and as always I appreciate any and all feedback as this journey begins.  It's nerve-wracking as I want to do this great comic justice and, while the feedback about the blog from readers and cartoonists, editors and the like has been phenomenal, an actual printed book (not digital) feels like it's in a whole other league!

Plus there'll be some additional posts too to keep you pigs happy, you can be sure of that!

- - -

So there you have it, it's in written form now and out there for the world to see.  There's no backing down now and that both excites and terrifies me in equal measure.  Whichever blog you're following I hope you'll subscribe to future updates and I'll speak to you all really soon.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


UPDATE: The below was originally intended as an introductory post when I was going to wrap up this blog.  It has since, in 2017, been relaunched and is going from strength-to-strength again!

Hello!  Who else remembers this wild and crazy comic from Britain's best creative team?  Criminally, up until a few years ago you'd have been hard pushed to find anything about it online, so as a huge fan I decided to take it upon myself to correct this.  What started out as a fun thing to do in my spare time every fortnight soon took over a huge chunk of my life and I loved every single piggin' minute of it.

Now it's all here for you to enjoy, from the preview issue all the way through to the final one, via specials, books, computer games, mugs, giant pimples, smelly aliens, scary butchers, spoofs of pretty much everything we grew top with, plops, Frank Sidebottom and everything in-between.  Crafted from the minds of the likes of Tony Husband, Mark Rodgers, Lew Stringer, Charlie Brooker, Jeremy Banx, J.T. Dogg, Davy Francis, Kev Sutherland and David Leach amongst many, many others, including special appearances from such talent as Dave Gibbons, John Geering and Kevin O'Neill this was a who's who of British comics.

The blog has proved more popular than I could ever have possibly imagined and I'm so proud of it, but most of all I'm ecstatic Oink! has proven to be so loved by both those of us who grew up with it and new readers alike, if the feedback has been anything to go by.  This treasure trove of classic comedy not only stands up against the test of time but is surprisingly relevant today too.  It's been an absolute blast and the content here isn't going anywhere and will remain as an archive for pig pals old and new, with plenty of strips to enjoy alongside extra content such as input from the people behind the characters and my own personal memories of how this formed an important part of my childhood, and indeed my life.


Over on the left there you'll see a section called The Whole Hog which I've organised with the oldest posts first, so all you have to do is click on the arrows beside the years, then months and work your way down starting from April 2013 and the Heading Back to the Sty post which started it all off.  From there on all you have to do is laugh, which is something you'll be doing a lot of!

Enjoy the ride!

As for me, I've wrapped up this blog and have moved on to two other writing projects, one centred around the Commodore 64 computer from the 80s and 90s, the other based on the modern Apple Watch and fitness.  The former centres around my other blog Recovering From a Scratch and there you'll find out about how I'm developing my writing further (which I've rediscovered my passion for thanks to Oink!) through contributions to actual published works and a project of my own.  The latter can be found on Instagram for now under the name Watch My Year, in which I'm tracking how my health and fitness changes over a year of use of the Apple Watch, which I aim to write up for iBooks once my conclusions are drawn.

If you'd like to contact me you can do so through either one of those avenues or directly through email at

For now, enjoy Oink!  I certainly did and I'm rather envious my read-through has finished while any new blog readers out there get to discover (or rediscover) these hilarious characters and situations and enjoy the brilliant work of some extremely talented individuals, who all came together and created something unique and timeless.  It may have only been with us for three years, but hopefully now it'll always be here to enjoy over and over and entertain new generations.

Fondly remembered and if I have anything to do with it, it'll never be forgotten.  Enjoy!