Thursday, 24 December 2015


So here it is, Christmas Eve at last and I do sincerely hope all pig pals are enjoying the festivities and that each and every Oink! fan has a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow.

Before I head on though there's the little matter of what was in that envelope I revealed a couple of weeks back:

First up, last year Oink! cartoonist supremo Davy Francis of Greedy Gorb and Cowpat County fame, as well as innumerable other strips, popped into my place of work (we work around the corner from each other as it turns out) and left a fantastic Christmas card which he'd created.  I was thrilled to be one of the recipients and I shared it on the Facebook group at the time but for whatever reason didn't get around to doing so on here.  This was also around the time I shared on this blog the great original pieces of artwork I'd acquired from Davy, which you can peruse by clicking here.

As you can see below the card was a wonderful piece of cartoon art centred around Christmas in Belfast, our home city.  Unlike other cards it survived the 5th January cull and was placed inside a box amongst the Christmas decorations to lie in wait for this year's festivities, where it now has its temporary living space on top of my new Commodore 64 set-up:

This year however Davy has outdone himself and inside the new envelope was a wonderful hand-drawn piece featuring Giles the farmer alongside an assortment of animals and Christmas characters, and there's also a certain hungry young fellow joining in the fun too.

Thank you so much Davy!

I love this.  It may be a fan's wish to obtain original art from their favourite comic, but it's surely a fan's dream come true to receive an original piece!  My dining table retro gaming table backs on to my kitchen door at the back of my living room, so to show off the picture below I dug out a frame and made a proper Christmas decoration of it.  Just like Tom Thug on top of my tree I can see this being brought out every year too:

Davy not only made my day when he appeared with these two years in a row, he made my Christmas this year!

Once again I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I'll see you back here in a few days when I'll reveal what Helen Jones' mystery package is all about too.  (That's still a surprise in waiting for me tomorrow.)  Enjoy yourselves and, of course, don't forget to pig out!

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