Thursday, 4 June 2015


This week I'm off work.  I'm not going away anywhere I just needed a break and, even more importantly, wanted to break ground - as Kevin McCloud would say - on the project I first mentioned way back in October last year.  For one reason or another the winter was spent with nothing happening on that front (I also took down the Facebook page for the book due to a lack of anything to post, and I also didn't want it to take away from this blog), from moving home yet again, starting a new job, debt-clearance... but now a fresh start is taking place.

So this week's break from the monotony of my daily job was to get grafting on something which actually interests me, nay excites me!

With a day spent in Belfast with fellow 2000AD fans on Saturday and my cousin's wedding on Monday, the midweek part of my break has seen that ground well and truly broken and I just wanted to nip on here to let you all know.  In case you thought it'd been dropped!  Nope, no fear of that.  I'm going to try to bring you monthly updates between these last few issues of Oink! that I'm still covering here and the Beyond Oink! posts.  There's a definite plan afoot, for the release date of the book, the coverage on the blog and for the blog itself, and it all ties in rather well together.  I'll let you in on that in the next update but for now pig pals there's just this deliberately small and pixellated (it's only a tease at this point after all) picture of my Mac's screen yesterday afternoon.

See you soon!

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