Sunday, 5 April 2015


A couple of weeks ago a reader of the blog by the name of Pete left a comment on the post for #22.  In it he said he was sure the band he was in at the time, called The Primebeats, had featured in a Harry the Head in this very issue.  But having checked all the Harry strips in every issue and glanced at all the other pages I couldn't find them.  About to start the hunt again, fellow reader Alex Gray came to the rescue and discovered Pete's debut in said issue alongside Tony Husband's Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins.

(I can only surmise Horace's face put me off when glancing at that page.)

So here you go Pete, your comics cameo at last!:


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!

Sorry I got the Oink character wrong!

One chuffed person again thank you :)

Phil Boyce said...

No problem Pete, don't know how I missed it to be honest!