Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Just a few days ago an anonymous reader of the blog left a comment on #29's post.  Researching how classical composer Beethoven is portrayed in comics they'd found evidence of him appearing in that second musically-themed issue of Oink!  But I'd only gone and left out that particular strip, hadn't I?

Well, whoever-you-are, here's the strip as requested as drawn by Weedy Willy's regular artist Mike Green.  Enjoy!:

Also over the past week another anonymous reader (c'mon folks, stop being so mysterious we're all pig pals together here) left a request on #22's post.  I'm still looking for a mention of your band in a Harry the Head strip, or any strip for that matter, but there's nothing so far out of the first 35 issues, first Holiday Special or the preview edition.  But I'm not giving up!  In the meantime if any other readers can remember a guest appearance by The Primebeats let us know which issue they appeared in and I'll get it scanned in and up on the blog.

UPDATE: The strip was found!  Click here to see it.

Thanks for reading folks, glad you're enjoying the site and taking part.

If any other readers have a particular memory or strip they'd like to see just give me a shout in any comments section, or on the Facebook group page or the Oink! Twitter hashtag (links on the left).

(No piggy prizes for any comments published.)

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