Thursday, 1 January 2015


1987?  But surely even the comic is moving into 1988 on the blog, not '87?  Yes, you'd be right, but there's also something taking up rather a lot of space at the top of my stairs which holds the answer...:

Remember in the final months of last year... erm, I mean year before last (always takes a while to get used to) Oink! had a sort of relaunch with #15?  IPC had a hit on their hands, so with this issue new talent was brought on board, new characters joined the comic and a new-found confidence filled the pages.

In addition, to celebrate this they gave away a huge three-part calendar poster over issues #15, #16 and #17 and I've already bleated on in those posts about how I only had two of the three parts and how Kevin Tuson from the Facebook group was able to send me photographs of the final part for inclusion on the blog.

Well, last summer I received a wonderful email from a gentleman named Graham Brown who had stumbled upon the blog when researching if he could sell his complete calendar online.  Thing is, after seeing this site he didn't want to sell me it, he just wanted it to go to a new home.  I of course sent him a little something (I hope your Hobgoblin Gold was enjoyable if you're reading this Graham) but what a generous individual!  Never ending thanks to that man.

What will be of interest to pig pals who still have the free gift(s) is that you can use it this year.

That's right, 1987 and 2015 sync up so it's time to dig those calendars out and get them up in pride of place.  Mine greets anyone venturing upstairs in my house and its unmissable as you can see.  Below are photos of it in its complete state and some close-ups of the little details for those who aren't as lucky to have one at home.

I can't think of a better way to start the new year and the next one hundred posts.

Happy 1987!

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