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From the creator of Mr Big Nose,
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During 2014 Jeremy Banx shared some drawings and ideas on the Facebook page of the Oink! group there, even asking for fans' perspectives and opinions on a couple.  These were for a brand new ebook he was putting together about Dr Frankenstein and his new creation, the rodent-esque Frankenthing. Well the time has come and the book is available now on Amazon's Kindle service for a bargain £1.99.

It's a prose book with illustrations lavished in the kind of detail Banx fans have come to know and love, and the kind of narration he does so well.  It's an addictive read and you'll speed through the thirteen chapters and enjoy every single second of it.  Told in a quick-fire style, you're only ever a few sentences away from something funny or surreal, backed up with the most bizarre way of describing everything happening around our protagonist (my personal favourite being "his bottom quivered like a fried egg in an earthquake"), it paints quite the picture in your head.

Speaking of pictures I've included a couple already shared by Jeremy on the book's Facebook page, just as an example of what you can expect:

The story revolves around Dr Frankenstein creating a new friend for his lonely monster (as we go along we find out just how poorly he's been put together too) from the remains of a dead 'toy' brought into the castle by Igor the one-eared cat, bringing life to Frankenthing.  I don't want to go into too much detail of what happens, as part of the joy is reading this bizarre tale without knowing what's coming next.  But the fun really begins when Frankenstein leaves to go shopping, with the two creations and the cat left to their own devices (look out for the monster counting during hide and seek!).

"Laugh-a-minute" is a phrase bandied about far too much but it actually applies here.

Also included, surprisingly, are some appendices which are suddenly referred to at random points within the main story.  For example the first one takes a good long look at the historical contexts of the Frankenstein family emblem, every part getting more ludicrous than the one before.  I won't ruin the surprise of the other sections or the lengthy final appendix which you'll be tempted to try out for yourself!

I don't read many ebooks as I always prefer having the actual physical versions, but for self-published titles there's a wealth of great content out there in digital format.  Personally I only ever used iBooks for this, but for Frankenthing I downloaded the Kindle app for iPhone (it's free) and it couldn't be easier to buy it from the Amazon site.

So go on, all this hard work put in by one of Oink!'s most prolific creators and it's only £1.99?  What's stopping you?

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