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Yes, to you it may well be the very, very early hours of Tuesday now (just gone 2am here) and I promised a blog post for Monday, but it's still Monday to me as I haven't retired for the night yet, so I say it still counts.  The reason I'm still up is simple - Christmas decorations:

I've barely started as you can see, but there's a point to me showing you this.  As I've just moved home lots of scrubbing down needed done to finish the living room first, but I had to get at least the tree up before I published this post.


The answer is simple:

When you've got a Christmas angel in the shape of Lew Stringer's Tom Thug and you write an Oink! blog there's really no other way to introduce a festive post, is there?

While you can look forward to weekly issues of the world's greatest comic in January, during December you'll be treated to no less than a dozen or so more posts after this one.  Of course, when I say "treated to" that's rather subjective as you'll get more from me, but hey-ho it's a small price to pay for more Oink! goodness.  So let's run through what's in store, starting with the obvious...


On Friday 12th you'll get to see selected highlights from one of the very best issues of Oink! - the second Christmas issue, #43.  Not only does it include the above Tom Thug decoration which you'll be able to print out if you so wish, but also look out for a classic GBH catalogue, nasty Christmas carols and for the second time the Transformers come under fire.

Then, even though we always got the New Year's issue early because the shops were shut (remember those days of shops shutting?), just like last year I'll be putting up the Hogmanay issue on the date on the cover - this year that'll be Boxing Day!  Expect a ton from Charlie Brooker, a terrifying Jimmy 'The Cleaver' Smith appearance and the blog initiation for none other than Oink! stalwart Billy Bang!

But that's not all.


Getting the chance to meet one of my Oink! heroes, Davy Francis, was not only a highlight for me of the last few months of the year but it'll also be a highlight for the blog this Christmas.  Ever wanted to have a good close up look at some original artwork from the comic?  There's a little teaser above and expect much more very, very soon indeed!  (This Friday!)


Crikey was a magazine which served to look deeper into the history of British comics and in its fifth issue they had a lovely interview with Oink! contributor Dave Huxley.  Confused because you haven't seen anything from him on the blog yet?  That's because his first piece would be the Christmas issue's Transformers spoof and he talks about it right here in this magazine, and the full interview will be scanned in for you soon.  It's almost like I planned the timing, isn't it?  Expect it the Friday after the Christmas issue.




I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this!  My favourite childhood book of all time lies right there, waiting for me.  Once we get a bit closer to Christmas I'll be setting some time aside to sit down with a mince pie or three, a bit of Christmas cake and a big glass of Shloer to enjoy this from front to back all over again after all these years.  It's been tempting, so tempting, to read it before now but I've waited.  It'll all be worth it.

That book is also a whopping volume as all pig pals will remember!  How could I possibly do it justice with one piddly little post?  Well the truth is I can't.  Two posts then?  Hmm... might be a tight squeeze, I remember the Star Truck multi-part story, the adventure section with James Bong, the great opening/closing pages, the multitude of classics all wrapped up in its shiny, bendy cover...

Only one thing for it.  Three posts.

Yes, three posts dedicated to highlights from the first Oink! Book.  It was on sale from around August/September time but like all annuals it was Christmas Day when these were finally received by young readers, brought down various chimneys to very grateful fans.  So that's why it's been left until now, and the perfect day for part one will be Christmas Day itself.  When else could it be??

Expect the second two parts during that final week of the year too, so a bumper selection from the big day onwards.  In fact, a bumper selection for the whole season, folks.  I'm really looking forward to sharing all of these with you and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I will undoubtedly have writing them.

Let the season commence!

#43 - just one of the Oink! Selection Box goodies to come

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