Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Most of you probably already know about the Oink! Facebook group, as that's where most of the comments for this blog are left.  But there's now another addition to Uncle Pigg's assault on the internet.  Well, okay my own assault.

I've set up a page for the book I'm planning, Britain's Best - The Story of Oink! which was announced right here on the blog (click here) and while the big announcements and developments will be right here as planned, the new Facebook page is the perfect place for all the little ones too.

Think of it as a kind of diary for the book from my point of view, but the page will also contain a lot of other stuff as time goes on, all tailored to the pig pal in each of us.

Just click on the image above to join in, or head to

UPDATE: Britain's Best never made it much further but future blog posts explain what came next.

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