Sunday, 23 November 2014


Please.  That is NOT a euphemism.

At last here it is, the post fans of Pete and his Pimple have been waiting for, when creator Lew Stringer was given a whopping eight pages to run wild with his puss-filled teen, and we certainly lapped it up in all its greasy glory!

Pete was always one of my childhood favourites, even though at the time in 1987 it would be a good few years yet until I myself started down the same route facially.  It didn't stop us identifying with him however and Pete is still one of the most fondly remembered characters from Oink! all these years later.

As you can see it was originally planned that some more occasional Oink! mini comics would appear, but we never got to see any before the final issue the following October.  Such a shame, as I'd have loved to see other creations get this treatment!  But for now we can indulge ourselves with every page of our one-and-only pull-out comic (if you discount the Wildcat preview, naturally) and overdose on crisps, chocolate and chips as we do so.  Oh, only me?

So what makes up these eight pages?  A five-page Pete strip, that's what!  It includes a poster as part of the story but what on earth could Lew have come up with to cover all of that when it revolves around a giant zit?  How about aliens and Pete becoming rather attached to his usually problematic appendage, and after that a problem page (naturally for such a subject!), another classic Ed McHenry Oink! puzzle section and then legendary cartoonist Mike Higgs takes on the spotty one and his family tree for Pete's Acne Ancestors, a page written (naturally) by Lew but based upon an idea by reader Daniel Kettlety who won a very well deserved piggy prize for his imagination.

It feels especially fitting to have Mike illustrate the Ancestors strip, seeing as how Lew was the one who brought him into the Oink! sty, which you can read more about in a previous post (click here) and on Lew's own blog (there's a link to it in that post too).

So folks, enjoy this very special addition to the history of Oink! and remember there's a post already here for the rest of this issue (#41) too:

Great stuff, and with Christmas just around the corner look out for details soon on an extra special month on The Oink! Blog!

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