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Those more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed my 'Reset Writer' blog is no more, only weeks after I started it up.  There's a good reason for this and it'll make sense by the end of this post.  For those who didn't read it, a quick recap is in order (don't worry, I'll be brief).

As a teen and a twenty-something I loved to write, everything from short stories to a disk-based fanzine for the Commodore 64 computer, and even studied media and scriptwriting many moons ago.  But then the world of work, money and independence beckoned and it was all put on the back burner, forever a lost dream.  But earlier this year when the blog celebrated its first anniversary the feedback I received from fellow fans and, in particular, professional writers and cartoonists was overwhelming.  It gave me the confidence to see I could do it, that whole writing malarky.  This year has seen a lot of changes - I moved to a new home beside the sea, started a new job, became reacquainted with old friends, and finally decided it wasn't too late in life to begin writing.

Okay, so you're up to speed, pig pals.

Originally wanting to develop a novel based around two separate screenplay ideas I had back at college, it struck me one day that wasn't the way to go.  It was staring me in the face!  I'd already been writing for almost a year and a half about a subject I'm passionate about.  During that time I'd uncovered more and more about the subject material and the people behind it, their successes and struggles (professional and personal), and realised there was a great story to tell right in front of me in the pile of comics sitting on my desk.

There was certainly an audience out there for it too, evidenced by the hits on this very blog and the constant stream of new members in the Facebook group.  I started to think about the kind of book I'd like to see about this favourite subject of mine, just as I had thought about the website I'd like to read as a fan when I first created this blog.  I remembered I still had the old Dandy/Beano 50th anniversary book I was given in 1987 for Christmas and as I flicked through it and my copies of Oink! it all just gelled together in my head:

It's Oink!'s 30th anniversary in two years and I'm officially announcing a brand new book to mark the occasion.  It's planned to tell the whole story, from initial conception right through to the Round the Bend TV series and then on to the modern day.  The story of the comic was already a fascinating one, but there's much more to tell believe me!  Alongside this the book will contain a good, hefty amount of the very best in strips and features from the comic and what is surely the greatest team ever put together for one - as the front page of The Oink! Book 1988 stated, they were "Britain's Best!".

While this blog is very much my own personal journey through Oink! from the perspective of a fan, the book is going to be the creators' tale - their take on our very favourite comic.

I've already put together a pitch document and have shared this with the Oink! team I'm in touch with at the moment and the response has been terrific!  I'll share it and some more details about the plans for the book at this stage across the next few weeks.

So that's it!  It's all official now I guess!  It feels great to finally get it out in the open, and it's been really exciting writing up this initial post as it means there's no turning back now and work has begun.

As for the deletion of my writing blog, I looked at it and realised since my new project was going to be based on Oink! there was naturally only one place to share updates, and that's right here on The Oink! Blog where so many fans, old and brand new, gather to read the pages from the comic itself.  A writing blog should be about the actual writing and so Reset Writer was only going to end up duplicating what's here.

The Oink! Blog has been tremendous fun these last eighteen months, a place for recollecting the stories that moulded my young brain in so many ways.  Now, as the home for my first proper writing project it's becoming an extension of me almost, and a lot more personal.  My online home in a way I guess.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Working on the pitch a couple of weeks ago


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Great idea for a book. I'd buy it...