Monday, 15 September 2014


I've never been so excited by this blog.  When I started it in April of last year I knew I was going to have some laughs with these comics and there have been many surprising milestones for me as a fan so far.  #6, the Animal Crackers issue saw it all gel together in a way that proved this was the comic I remembered loving so much as a child.  #15 saw a kind of relaunch, with new favourite characters introduced and the title as a whole really hit its stride.  The mid-20s saw a confidence from issue-to-issue as well as the first Holiday Special and the Crash special pullout, all combining to give the impression this was a successful comic which (at the time) was here to stay.

Then with #36 it hit a much more personal milestone, i.e. not because of the change of publisher as detailed in that issue's post.  No, this was the start of my very own favourite period of the comic's whole run!  To be honest I'd forgotten about just how much these issues in the latter four months of 1987 were enjoyed by my younger self until recently.  I always knew I remembered this time the most from my childhood, but I'd put that down to simple selective memory as I got older.  It was only when covering #36 and glancing forward (only to check my instincts were correct - I wasn't reading, don't worry I'm not cheating) to the remainder of this year that I remembered these issues were just simply awesome.  Without compare.  That's the real reason I can still remember them more than any other!

Tightly scripted, superb talent on display, all the regular characters now present and correct and an overall design and editing style which crammed so much goodness into each and every issue.  They really did feel like bumper editions of what had went before, they felt like there was more to read, more to enjoy and in the midst of all this of course was the first annual too, The Oink! Book 1988, which stood out head and shoulders above the other humour comics annuals that year.  It wasn't hardback, it was better!  The glossy, bendy cover truly shone out in my local newsagent, the paper inside was of a superb quality and it still remains as my favourite childhood book of any kind:

Each of these issues contains personal memories for me and I'll be reliving them as we go along, right through to the new year.

If only the comic had continued in this format.  But in the new year the seemingly great news of Oink! going weekly at last was coupled with the loss of not only the themes, but also of eight pages out of every issue.  We'll get to that stage in early 2015/1988 but in the meantime I just wanted to make you aware you are about to enter the golden age of Oink! in my opinion.  Actually, my realisation of what these nine issues and the book represent just got me all so hyped up I just had to say something before Friday's next issue!

So sit back and get ready to enjoy the the VERY BEST this comic had to offer!

100% classics coming in a few days!

Next issue on sale this Friday 19th September!

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