Friday, 12 September 2014


You may have noticed a logo has appeared on the left there under my introduction.  Well I hope you have or else you're obviously not paying attention.

This is a link to my new blog, which is going to be following me as I branch out into writing of a different sort - the career sort, as I've always wished.  But I'm starting this blog right at the very beginning instead of waiting until I've finished anything, even before I've actually finished the pitch for my first title to be honest.  But that's the whole point you see, to document this attempt at something I've tried numerous times before but never followed through on.  It's a way of seeing a growing 'diary' or sorts of what I'm doing, but in making it public it allows not only for feedback as I go along but also acts as further motivation.

Things have definitely changed this time though, partially thanks to this blog right here.  There's a cliché which states you're never too old to follow your dreams and that's exactly what Reset Writer is all about - resetting my life, restarting and following those hopes and working hard at those dreams to make them a reality.  Dreams don't just come true on their own, you know.

Along the way the blog is going to cover not only what I'm working on, but also my own development, the people who have inspired me, events of interest, amongst other topics.  It's going to be a very organic blog and only time will tell how it'll evolve but in the meantime there's a few posts up there at the mo.  These include an introduction to the whole thing, as well as the first post about the big resetting of my career which concentrates heavily on The Oink! Blog and how it's helped bring this all about - so thanks to all my readers, pig pals, cartoonists and commentators both here and on the Facebook group.

By all means please leave feedback via any posts you wish or through email, as I actively encourage it on this new blog even more than here!

See you in a few days for that promised post about the current run of Oink! issues, right here.

UPDATE: Yes, Reset Writer only lasted a few months and in May 2017 I decided instead to expand The Oink! Blog to contain all of the above instead.  You can read about that by clicking here.

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