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Yes I'm a little bit behind on posting this up but it was originally meant to be a news story before I decided the blog didn't suit having that sort of thing.  I've got some updates and other posts which I'll be catching up on with you over the course of the next while, starting with a feature on Dazed & Confused magazine's website which you may have missed out on.

Earlier this year, just before the release of Frank in cinemas a journalist by the name of Brook McCord got in touch with me out of the blue.  Yes, it surprised me too!  The magazine's website was putting together a series of articles on the man behind the Frank Sidebottom mask, Chris Sievey, and she was looking for some scans of his work in Oink! to go alongside an interview with one of the comic's editors, Patrick Gallagher.  I was honoured to be asked, felt like a little bit of recognition from outside the world of the comic for all the hard work I'd put in here.  So of course I said I would.

I trawled through all the issues I have and I'm telling you trying to pick out a selection of Chris' work as Frank was a difficult one.  My choices seemed to do the trick though, hopefully showcasing how varied and meticulous his work was.  Brooke kindly gave me a "Courtesy of" credit under each, and Patrick even mentioned the blog (and the amount of people coming to it to read pages from Oink!) as proof of how relevant the comic's humour is today, which of course we pig pals all knew already.

Personally I loved the references back to here, especially from one of the comic's creators, and over the week or so after the article went up online I have to say my stats did jump!  No, I'm not being big-headed (you should know me better than that by now) but I was so happy because it meant more people were rediscovering, or even discovering for the first time, Oink!

Any regular readers here will know Chris' work is second-to-none and he was such a perfectionist in everything he did, Oink! included, that it's great to see his often unknown work in the comic being highlighted in this way.  It's an interesting read, so click on the image below to head off and enjoy:

Also, while you're there check out the other Frank articles they published at the time, including a playlist of songs and more by clicking right here.

UPDATE: Sunday 21st June 2015 marked five years since Chris' passing and this has been marked on the blog too.

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