Sunday, 31 August 2014


Here we are already for the final part of the StreetHogs second adventure from Mark Rodgers and J.T. Dogg.  It may only have been a third of the length of their original story but it was still great fun and now, with what looks like Jimmy 'The Cleaver' Smith's entire toolbox flying through the air towards them, how on earth are they going to get out of this one with less than a second to spare (apparently)?  Why do you even ask?  You know you'll never guess!:

Yes the 'Hogs will indeed return in 1988... well, 2015 in blog terms but make sure you come back this Friday for #36 when J.T. Dogg takes on something you wouldn't expect, when Oink! goes peculiar!

UPDATE: Here's the direct link to #65, the monthly edition of Oink! which contained the complete third and final epic from The Street-Hogs.

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