Friday, 1 August 2014


I've decided to change up the blog a bit.

The original plan was always to keep this going until those final issues had been covered, with the blog running roughly the same length of time as the comic itself, then it'd be retired too and kept as an online resource of the best comic in history.  However while keeping within that setup the 'News' section doesn't make sense, I mean if the blog is to stop why clog it up with news items which will be out-of-date after the blog stops updating?  But as the blog has continued it's grown into something more than I'd originally planned.

There's scope to cover happenings with the characters and creators (e.g. the new Psycho Gran comic from David Leach, Lew Stringer's eBay auctions etc.), a mass of great inside info popping up all the time from the team behind the comic, the separate series of scans such as the posters, Street-Hogs and the like, as well as other ideas which keep popping up that I want to cover but they never fitted into the design of the blog, i.e. they weren't individual issues, news, updates etc.  But recently I've thought by not including them, by organising the blog so much into strict categories, I'm being very un-Oink!-like with my blog.

I'm a huge fan of other blogs such as George Spiers' Whizzer & Chips blog and Lew's Blimey! It's Another Blog About Comics and like the fact they're always finding new topics to cover and new ways of looking at things - their blogs cover a huge variety of posts which you can't simply categorise into two or three menus.  Oink!, while it had to be expertly organised and designed, had the feeling to us readers of being completely random; you didn't know what to expect from one issue to the next, from the included strips, to the size of them, to their order inside the pages etc.

So I've been inspired.

The Oink! Blog isn't going to come to an end in 2015.  There may not be any more 'new' regular issues to cover at that stage but that doesn't mean there's not plenty to cover in the world of Oink! and everything that surrounds it.  So starting very soon there'll be no more 'News' section but these stories will still be covered in regular posts which you'll see filling up the gaps between issues.  I've got loads of ideas and I've been restricting myself, so it's time to let the pigs out of the pig pen and unleash the second phase of The Oink! Blog, largely thanks to all the fantastic feedback and support I've received from you all!

So thank you everyone!

First up though, next week I'll be doing a lot of prep work and sorting some things out behind-the-scenes (like the mess of labels) and updating previous issues with some great info from the creators.  I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the re-creation of the blog after that, with not only the fortnightly issue updates (don't worry, that aspect won't be changing, it's the whole original premise after all) but also expanding it into a more blog-like experience, more personal and more varied - which hopefully will go down well and guarantee a future for it because I love doing this thing!


George Shiers said...

That's a lovely drawing at the top of the post there!

Thanks for the link - I'm glad to hear the blog won't be ending next year.

Phil Boyce said...

No, it's going to be carrying on, even though mine is very much centred around one comic and one premise (the updating to the day of the original issues) there's definitely scope here to carry on. I've also got some ideas which could see the blog take on a very different purpose after the issues have all been covered, but that's all I'm saying for now!