Monday, 18 August 2014


Ok, so saying it's "relaunched" may sound like a bit of an exaggeration on first glance but it really is a relaunch of sorts to me.  I've mentioned recently about how I won't now be finishing off the blog at the end of 2015 when I run out of regular issues of the comic.  Well, it all starts now and so for me it's an exciting day!

I'm heading off in a new direction with this thing as I'll explain below, but first there were other things needing done to give it all a bit of a spruce up first, then a bit of redesigning to give it a fresh look as a kind of symbolising of it all.  So...

First up I did a bit of spring cleaning.

The labels over there on the left (now titled Stuff in the Sty) were a bit of a mess - there were duplicates, labels for things which didn't need them, some which didn't fit in with the way the blog is set up etc.  So I went right back to the first post and worked all the way through, sorting them all out to streamline them and basically tidy it all up.  They should now be the definitive 'contents' of the blog, including a couple of new ones indicating some of the changes being made.

There were some really cool updates to add too, more on that below.

While I'd tried some much smaller online things before, I'd never done anything on the scale of what this blog has become - both in size itself and its popularity.  So while reading all the posts, especially the early ones, I may have corrected the occasional bit of wording here or there - oops!  Nothing that was necessarily wrong by most people's eyes, but after the following song was released I did edit a post here or there where you may now see a distinct lack of "Oxford commas" or "quotation marks for emphasis"...:

The man is a genius, is he not?  I have to say I'm one of those people who can't stand the grammar internet comments sections have highlighted and agree with Weird Al on everything there, so I did have to eliminate the evidence from those early posts!

The next thing then...

A bit of building a new look.

A bit of a new colour change, a new logo, a restructured side panel, even Uncle Pigg typing away furiously for the blog at the bottom of the page there.  I spent a really enjoyable rainy day at my new desk overlooking my garden designing and fiddling - with the blog.  I think I spent the same amount of time nitpicking at what I'd done and fixing things which were probably fine, than actually designing and rebuilding.  It's a little thing, but for me it's freshened it all up and personally I just wanted to do it for myself, as much as for the blog, to give it a new look to go with...

... the new direction.

Basically, there'd been so much other Oink!-related stuff I could've included before now but it didn't fit into the strict setup I'd created for myself.  So gone now are the 'News' and 'Updates' pages.  If something new and exciting happens in the Oink! world then it'll get a post to itself without being pigeon-holed into a 'News' section.  Also, recently, you'll have seen a post about how Oink! was being marketed by IPC Magazines before its launch, the information from which would before now have been added to the very first post of the blog, which detailed the pre-launch period.  This was because the blog was due to last only a certain amount of time (which made the 'News' section nonsensical too in hindsight) and when stopped the Oink! story would be here for people to come and read from beginning to end and in a strict order.

But seeing such fantastic blogs as Blimey! It's Another Blog About Comics! or Wacky Comics! (both are available in the Pig Pals section on the left there) I realised THAT'S the kind of blog I want. Really, that's the kind of site Oink! deserves - ongoing and random, where you'll just not know what's coming next.  Those blogs were what inspired me to begin with so now here it is, The New Oink! Blog, with the issues still coming on the right dates but where anything could - and will - be covered in-between.

This includes anything big from the creators.  But now and again some tiny snippet of information will raise its hand and make me notice it, maybe something very small but definitely noteworthy.  In these circumstances there's a case to add a snippet to a previous post (like in all blogs) and I'll keep you informed of these with updates posts in the main blog instead of a separate page.  Expect one soon!

I'm excited at some of the things to come, hope you are too.

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