Sunday, 24 August 2014


Well actually I'm promoting this brilliant, classic comic and the superb talents of Mark Rodgers and J.T. Dogg (aka Malcolm Douglas) if truth be told, but it's right here on The Oink! Blog where you'll be able to enjoy the sequel to The StreetHogs - The Day of the Triffics!

At long last, after riding off in not-so-spectacular fashion all cramped onto one bike way back in #11, the 'Hogs made a reappearance in Oink! #32.  However, like last time I'm intending to keep their adventures separate from the regular run.  Back in the early days when this blog was but a piglet, I collected 3 issues worth of their 'episodes' (they were a great spoof of Saturday morning TV cliffhanger serials) at a time and posted them up once a fortnight.  But this time, with their second adventure taking up only four issues I've decided to do something different.

But what, pray tell?:

See you Thursday, I'm sure...!

(Or, if you haven't read their first tale yet - or simply wish to revisit it - you can by clicking right here.)

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