Monday, 9 June 2014


Don't be as stupid as the subject, place your order today!

That subject is none other than Tom Thug and at this very moment there are some original pieces of artwork up for sale on eBay, that bastion of all "Damn it's far too easy to spend money on this" websites.  These are the actual pieces worked on by hand from creator Lew Stringer when creating them for Oink! and Buster.

Lew currently has two Buster strips and one Oink! page up for grabs, the latter one of which you can see below:

From the description on eBay the page is 380mm x 480mm approximately, including margins and is drawn using black ink on Bristol Board.  This time it also includes the plastic overlays (seen above) which were used to indicate to the printer where the colour should go.

The strip is also signed and Lew states on his auction that he'll also add a dedication in the margin if the buyer wishes and all will be securely packaged for posting.

Interested?  How on earth could you not be interested?  Bidding starts at £30.00 and ends this Sunday, which is the 15th June, just after 7pm.  Click on this link to take you to Lew's page where you'll also see two more Tom strips from the pages of Buster as well.

Good luck folks, and happy bidding!

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