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It's a time for celebration with Oink! about to party for its 1st year anniversary and the first (of four) summer specials.  Around this time of year all the major comics would get a summer or "holiday" special, an extra thick (usually) issue on nice shiny paper - the perfect way to keep us kids quiet on long train journeys.  I can actually remember reading this on a train heading somewhere on a trip and showing off the cover to whoever was with me.  But of course, with Oink! already being a glossy fortnightly would it be as special for us already-spoiled readers?  Actually, yes, as it feels like an ever-so-slightly thicker paper, so couple this with the increased page count of 48 and it does feel satisyingly weighty; a high quality read no doubt, all starting off with a fabulous Ian Jackson cover!  I love this and it wouldn't be the last time modelling clay of some sort would feature on a cover of a special Oink!, in fact it'd appear on my very favourite Oink! of them all, as you'll see later in the year.

I decided a recent visit to the hospital (and the hospital waiting area) was the best time for me to read this in preparation for this post and it really is one of the very best issues so far.  Rather than the majority of strips following a theme (some do take the route of stories based on summer holidays) it's a delightfully random selection of fantastic and 'out there' ideas from the crème-de-la-crème of British comics writers and artists.  A few pages in and you realise you really don't know what to expect next.  While this is true of any issue of Oink!, it's even more so here and this was a wonderful surprise.

We start and end proceedings with a Mary Lighthouse strip, or so it seems, but it's not long before a funny twist of fate brings her together with you-know-who, as written by Mark Rodgers and drawn by Oink!'s legendary Ian Jackson:

You'll see the conclusion soon but not in this post.

We've got a few returning characters in this who we haven't seen in a while.  Annuals and specials are created a long time in advance and this could account for the return of such early characters as Nigel & Skrat the two-headed rat, Billy's Brain (who I thought ran for longer) and Pete's Pup, the mammoth-sized pet dog and his forever-tortured human family.  Tom's Toe also makes a reappearance, who we've only previously seen in #12 back in October last year.  Here Tony Husband and John Geering keep the overly-cheesy spoof of other IPC comics going in fine form.  Even Bony Hart is back!

But it's Graham Exton and Jeremy Banx's fault that I received strange looks from other waiting patients at the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Banx's artwork lends itself wonderfully to random little one-offs and the blog has featured some examples of these in issues 10, 12 and especially #13.  But here not only did we get a full page one-panel Mr Big Nose elsewhere in the comic but we were also treated to this, written as I say by Graham:

Well, after reading that delightfully crazy strip I was already chuckling into myself, being very discreet.  Then I carried on and only a few pages later this appeared:

That was it.  As soon as I saw the title I erupted in the middle of the waiting room.  You know that short, sharp and very loud noise you make when your body wants to laugh but you try to catch it just a second too late?  Yep, that.  Surrounded by a lot of very serious looking people all tired of waiting for so long, I don't think my enjoyment of the NHS waiting area went down too well.  So thank you Graham and Jeremy.  It was worth it though.

In #23 we'd the pleasure of Oink! taking some old photographs and creating some hilarious captions for them, completely changing their original intent.  The same idea is brought back here in six profiles of Oink!'s Piggin' Crazy Readers.  Is this an accurate description of all of us who grew up with the sense of humour this comic implanted in us?  You be the judge:

Now, when you go on holiday what do you do with your heavy cases?  Do you lug them around yourself?  Does your loved one offer to do it for you?  Or do you make sure you've got money to tip the porter at your hotel?  What if, instead, you just brought a friend:

Haldane's Zootown is always a reliable destination.

In this special we'd actually a rather special (yes the same word twice in a sentence but it's fitting) contribution from megastar Frank Sidebottom in the shape of a 2-page board game, all very unfairly balanced against anyone who chose to be Little Frank.  The idea was that the evil Kilvertians had invaded and Frank and his pals were going to battle them in their rocket of metal bins.  This was prefaced with a comic strip and, after Frank had left a note for his mum to put his tea in the oven because he'd be in space, we were treated to these rather charming cut-out pieces for the game, as ever drawn by Frank's creator Chris Sievey himself:

The Thunderbirds one is my favourite I have to say.  Chris' artwork does have a certain something which I think I appreciate all the more now as an adult, or maybe that's just the nostalgia, or simply the fact I didn't know he did all his own work for Oink! when I was a kid.  Anyway, a delightful addition to the special.

Have you ever used the Comixology app on your mobile or tablet?  I've used it for the new Transformers comics and let's not forget Psycho Gran is also back in a brand new comic available through them as well.  One thing the app version of their website allows you to do is to view each panel of a comic one-by-one as a full-screen image.  While it's a feature of the app I'd turn off when reading Transformers because the artwork is very dynamic (panels are different shapes and sizes and overlap, so sometimes you'd miss the layout and part of the excellent artwork), for humour comics such as Psycho Gran it can work a treat.  Each panel comes up as a huge image on my iPad, leaving the punchline hidden until the very end, stopping any accidental glances from spoiling the joke when you turn over a page.

A digital Oink! could benefit greatly from something like this.  For example, just imagine the next strip in that format and you might see what I mean:

Add in some dramatic musical tone with each new panel and I think it'd be a winner.  Just as Oink! was revolutionary for its time, it could again with all of the new technology available.  Oink! was a comic for children like nothing before it and there's so much potential out there in the digital realm for the way comics could be interacted with, but really nothing is changing at this point in time yet.  With the new digital-only markets out there and Psycho Gran already back, I just keep thinking there's a market there, a gap and potential to change things around just like Uncle Pigg did 28 years ago.  And I can think of no better pig for the job.

But I digress.  As usual.

This is also the first time I've noticed Haldane writing a script for another artist to drawn, this time it's by Pete Dixon who we haven't featured here yet.

But speaking of David Leach's little lady:

Wonderful to look back on these original adventures of hers and know she's still alive and kicking today.

Our final strip for now is a welcome return to the blog for regular Hadrian Vile and this time it's his Hollyday Diary we're being treated to.  Brought to us by the usual team of writer Mark Rodgers and artist Ian Jackson here's what happened when they tried to take him to the beach, and to be fair he was just simply trying to have some father-son time:

Scanning back over this post before I finish, this would normally (hopefully) make up an entertaining enough post for you all for an issue of Oink!  But this is the summer special and there's more to come!  These highlights are only from the first half, the first 24 pages and, after the 4-page GBH holiday brochure that makes up the middle, there's more delights to come.  These include a 3-page Burp to look forward to and a 4-page epic that'll bring out all those nostalgic feelings you have for 80s gameshows and celebrities.  You do have those feelings, right?  Well, trust me, its artist is simply unmissable!

So when will you not be missing it?  Given this is a holiday special and technically is meant to last that bit longer come back next month for the second half when, with any luck, the sun will be shining and all those people who bitch about the rain and wind in winter will be bitching about the sun and lack of wind.  Then the following month there's another treat alongside the regular fortnightlies, but I'm keeping shtum for now.

Until then though, remember this coming Friday 18th is Oink!'s birthday issue and it's a classic.  Hopefully see you then.


Graham Exton said...

I remember the dog, but I'd forgotten about the cousin! It made me laugh, too, so thanks for that. I tried to do one with the Starship enterprise up Herbert's nose, but never succeeded. Amazing I got two strips out of it, really.

Phil Boyce said...

I was turning the pages both praying for a third and also dreading a third, given what happened!

Phil Boyce said...
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