Friday, 25 April 2014


"Pimple pus to fetch high prices"

Every once in a while Oink! genius Lew Stringer publishes auctions of his original artwork on everyone's favourite I-should-stop-surfing-this-site-as-it's-far-too-easy-to-think-I-am-actually-winning-things-instead-of-spending-money eBay.  Of course Lew's work covers a lot of ground but he's been known to sell some original pieces from our comic too!

At this very moment there's three pages of Pete & his Pimple and Tom Thug up and while the Tom strip and one of the Pete stories are from Buster comic, there's also a pimply page from Oink! Weekly #48 (which'll be on the blog early next year) in which Pete floats away into space with his pimple and faces a giant safety pin.  Seriously.

Here's one of the images Lew has uploaded to eBay:

Two more images of this particular piece are available to view on the auction page.  This is the actual original page Lew drew and was drawn in black ink on Bristol Board and is in excellent condition, with an approximate size of 380mm by 480mm in total.  These details are also available on the auction page which you can access right here:

The auctions all end this coming Sunday (27th April 2014, just incase you're reading this much later) so get in there quick!

The opening amount Lew has set is £20.00 but this is an auction so expect it to increase.  In other words, hurry up and place your bid!

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