Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Howdy all.

In my last post for #21 I mentioned I'd some news about the blog to share with you and that I wanted to bring you all up to speed on the current state of affairs etc.  Like I said at the time (which was only yesterday - you may get used to a lot of updates over the next wee while) it's not bad news, it's not about to become the "Oink! Blog joins Buster Blog".  No, no.


As regular readers will know, as well as new readers who have read back over all my ramblings thus far, I'd some very damaging technical difficulties around Christmas time last year which resulted in the New Year Hogmanay issue being delayed, and then the next issue was delayed and the next and the next; it was incredibly frustrating!  I told you all about the things attempted to get the blog back up and running and eventually I was able to get the occasional new post up, but the laptop was still temperamental and would choose when to play ball or not.  I was finding it very difficult to get caught up.

But now you'll notice here's two posts within two days.  Something's changed.  Yes, something has.




A beautiful, brand spanking new Apple Mac Mini, that's what's happening.  (Huge, astronomical thanks to my brilliant friend and fellow Oink! Facebooker Andrew Bell.)  Suddenly I'm back on the blog full-time and I can tell you right now the highlights from issues 22, 23 and 24 are all scanned in and being edited for uploading.  Instead of taking a few days to scan, edit and upload the images around a forever crashing laptop (an endlessly slow machine which was never happy at having to use Photoshop or having to connect to the internet and especially Blogger for some reason) it's now back to being a wonderful, simply pleasurable experience to relax with the latest issue and type away at all the crap I spout.

Not that I've been complacent.  I've been filling the gaps in my main collection and also investing in areas I'd never thought of covering before, which you'll see much, much later (well, next year):

So, to let you know and also to give myself a few deadlines, #22 will be with you in three days on Thursday 27th March, #23 this Saturday 29th and the last out-of-sync issue will then be #24 which will be up next Tuesday, the 1st April - no fool.

But that's not all.


The breaking news is there's going to be breaking news!  Speaking to some of the comic's creators recently I was inspired and got to thinking about the blog and how it could be so much more than simply re-reading each issue on their original dates.  Don't get me wrong, that'll still be the main focus as it's the whole reason behind the blog's creation in the first place, so don't be expecting anything less than what you've had so far.  But I've decided to expand upon this original premise and, while some of these ideas I'll be keeping under wraps for now, the first one will be kicking off on Wednesday (or "tomorrow" to those already in the land of nod as I type this) and that's Oink! News!

It may be a comic that hasn't seen regular publication since 1988 but that doesn't mean there isn't Oink!-related goodness still going on in this world of ours.  This Wednesday in particular there's a tremendous event happening that any fan of the comic will be over-the-moon with and when you see what it is you'll understand completely why I've chosen that date for the start of these 'bulletins'.  They'll be added to the blog in much the same way as any other post but will also be listed in their own page at the top of the blog under the title banner.

I really can't wait and neither should you be able to.  Yup, this next week is shaping up to be a busy one here!

UPDATE: This idea, while it did start with a few posts, was ultimately dropped and any Oink! news was just added in individual posts.  You can catch up on anything extra within the Relive Oink! section now, which is much easier to navigate!


Don't worry I'm almost done.  After this next week we'll finally be back on track, with the issue dated 4th April actually going up on the blog on the right date!  By then you'll have been inundated with issues and the new news section and you can look forward to other new additions later in the year.

But things aren't going to slow down, nonono.  That issue on the 4th will be #25 and not only is the issue after that Oink!'s 1st birthday issue (and by association the birthday of the blog; a full year already?!) but also the beginning of April back in 1987 saw the release of the very first Oink! Holiday Special in all its porky 48-page rotundness, so given the fact it is indeed a larger-than-your-average-pig of an issue you can look forward to two posts dedicated to it.  More and more prime pork coming your way!

- - -

So there we go, that's you all brought up to speed.  Thanks for all your patience, I know there's also comments needing responded to and some posts needing updated with new info from the generous guys from Oink!, I'm also tidying up the labels and will update the Collection page too shortly.  Then there's the Merchandise one I've yet to get around to.

Phew!  Enough to make me sweat like a, well you know.

But for now I'll leave you with this image of how the blog looks to me now when I'm working on it. No longer a tiny, half-broken laptop and its unreliable screen, now I'm seeing that favourite of all logos up on my TV screen!  You've no idea the size of the grin I had in taking this photo.  Uncle Pigg is huge!  Though maybe those featuring in the photo stories may not be so glad of my 42" HDTV?:

See you tomorrow folks!

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