Wednesday, 26 March 2014


"Psychotic Grandmother Back To Terrorise/Entertain"

We really couldn't have asked for a better first news story to start with could we?  There's no joke in that post title, no double-meaning, it's a fact that David Leach has released the inaugural issue of the brand spanking (and knowing her there could well be spanking at some stage) new Psycho Gran digital comic.

I can't tell you how excited I've been by the prospect of this, as this crazy little pensioner was a highlight of Oink! all those years ago where she first appeared and here she is now in her own title at last!  Now accompanied by a "pan-dimensional, sentient handbag called Percy" (well, Pursey) and a "flying dog called Archie" she's also gone full-colour (something she only did on very rare occasions in Oink!) and has 30 pages all to herself.  Well 29 as you get the cover and an expanded cover too:

The expanded front cover to the first issue

Click on the logo to go buy her first comic!

Priced at only £1.49 on the Comixology app and also through their website for $1.99 she looks great on the iPad (other tablets are available) where you can use their unique animated scrolling which brings up one panel at a time - great for those final panel jokes.  There's a couple of updated strips from her time on Oink!, completely redone and just as fresh, but the rest are all new and range from 1-page to 5-page stories, with my favourites being the Recharge and Strain strips along with a surprise in the middle of the comic I won't ruin.  However, when you see it, it'll probably say a lot about my sense of humour.  But hey that's partly her fault anyway!

David's artwork is lush.  So much detail and the colour work is second-to-none.  I'm sure it may be a while before he's able to put together a whole new issue but the wait will be well worth it I'm sure if this is anything to go by!

So how do you go about getting this?  Simple, you can go straight to her page here at the website.

As I've said it's also available through their app on iOS and other mobile devices.

You're still here?

Click on the cover to see Psycho Gran's first ever appearance.

Also, Down The Tubes has a short interview with David on the new title which you can read here.

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