Saturday, 8 February 2014


Good news at last!

Okay, so my laptop seemed to die.  I didn't want to lose all the precious photos, documents and everything else on it, so I couldn't do a system wipe to see if that would work.  Ironically enough, I only use it for The Oink! Blog because my iPad has become my main computer, but the Oink! files were the only stuff I wouldn't mind losing as everything so far is right here in the blog anyway.

I tried different system recoveries and techniques, until it got to the stage where it would boot up but as soon as you touched the mouse pad or a key it just froze.

So I tried various "experts".  There's a reason for the quotation marks.

I was told it was gone, deader than a dead parrot and that it was a hardware issue so a system reboot would be no good.  So I tried my friend's netbook but, as good as that wee machine is, the pictures simply weren't turning out as well, with some cross-hatching of solid colours and things like that.  Maybe I'm a perfectionist.  Actually, yes I am when it comes to this blog, so I spent a couple of weeks trying new software, various settings etc.

In the end I was desperate.  I was already delayed long enough so I thought a complete wiping of my laptop couldn't break a broken computer any further.  And you know what?  It worked!

As you can see, those "experts" earned their quotation marks and I'm currently working to get caught up.  I'll only be installing the minimum I need for the blog and I've lost all my other files, including years of photos (new photos are saved to my iCloud these days and some of those older ones are on Facebook) but the main thing is to keep that glass half full, and 'blog corner' is definitely back in my living room.

We've got a few issues to get through before we get back on track so prepare for more updates than you'd usually get!  We'll be starting with our Hogmanay issue after all.

Better get to it then actually...

See you soon.


Carol said...

Hi Phil, good to see you back and thanks for all the work you put into this blog.


Phil Boyce said...

It's good to be back Carol :)